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Had Fun Chatting This Morning on IRIE Radio

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:14pm

I had a lot of fun and laughs this morning on the Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show on IRIE Radio, based in Ocean City, Maryland.

Rude Awakening Show

We chatted about actress Rachel McAdams and her horrendous maple syrup-drinking habit and about the nightmares of "SUGAR SHOCK!"
Rachel McAdams
Bulldog lived up to his nickname. He gave a rather heated, dogged, but good-natured (and chuckle-inducing) defense of the "joys" of candy bars, soda, and junk food. He even elicited some chuckles from me when he called pizza "a complete food group."

In short, this radio host -- like most Americans -- didn't even want to think about giving up, much less cut back on, sweets and Much-Like-Sugar carbs. Can't say I blame him. That's the way I once was!

Of course, when I described how my life had turned around in 1998 upon kicking those quickie carbs, I piqued his interest somewhat. Bulldog asked me about those "Sugar Shrew" days, and he, the Dude and Snoopy laughed about my fatigue, moodiness and bitchiness, that made the boyfriend go packing.

Naturally, yours truly also discussed how eating too many sweets and quickie carbs could lead to obesity, hypoglycemia, and diabetes, as well as much-less-talked-about outcomes as "brain fog," mood swings and decreased libido -- that latter comment intrigued him, not surprisingly.

"Yes, you can get a transitory pleasure from red licorice," I admitted.

"But eating a lot of sweets and simple carbohydrates -- that's the killjoy," I maintained in between laughter.

"I'm much happier, more energetic, enthusiastic and focused than I ever used to be. And you're darn right, I did not want to give up my red licorice at all."

I spoke persuasively -- at least, I hope! -- about the amazing things that can happen when a person changes his or her diet.

In fact, at one point, I encouraged Ocean 98 listeners -- who I envisoned were downing donuts on the way to work -- to see how they felt three hours later. (Were they hit by a late-morning slump?) And I urged them to think about how changing their diet could improve the quality of their lives.

Just heard from my L.A.-based friend Cynthia (what was she doing up at 4:30 am PST time?!) and my KickSugar group assistant moderator Myra Pinkham -- alas, both tried to sign onto the IRIE website and got no sound so they missed the interview.

If you've come to this blog after listening to the Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show, I invite you to sign up for your free newsletter, check out my free online KickSugar group, and have fun posting comments here on this blog.

For those of you new to this blog, who who want to kick sweets -- or at least think about it -- this article, 7 Tips to Kick Your Sugar Habit might help. And if you have children, you might appreciate this Stump the Savvy Sugar Sleuths column, " We Help the Mom of a Sugar-Loving Tot."

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