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Gym Germs and How To Avoid Them

Posted Nov 21 2008 8:41pm

If you belong to a gym--and there are 42.7 million of you! Putting in time at the gym is supposed to make you healthier, but if you aren't careful, it could cause an unexpected illness. If fungi or bacteria wanted to find the ideal place to grow, your gym might offer one of the best sites around. Fungi and bacteria thrive in warm, moist places, such as hot tubs, pools, shower stalls and sweaty clothes. According to Brian Adams, M.D., "There are a bunch of things people can pick up at their gym if they aren't careful."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a bacteria called methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) was recently found in recreational athletes. Although, MRSA is a version of the common staph bacteria, it is resistant to the methicillin antibiotic, which makes it especially hard to treat. While "normal" staphylococcus aureus is a microbial skin infection easily treated with antibiotics, MRSA is more difficult to treat and can infect the blood and bones--a potentially life threatening complication. MRSA's antibiotic resistance also makes it more likely to spread, since the normal course of treatment does not eliminate it and the infected person remains a carrier. The CDC cites close physical contact and equipment sharing as reasons for outbreaks. Researchers have also found E. coli, strep-bacteria and the influenza virus in gyms and on athletic equipment.

Always wipe down a machine before getting using it - preferably with a sanitizer

Always wash your sweaty clothes after a work out and shower off your body

Wear flip flops in public showers

Don't re-use your water bottle

Always take a fresh hand towel to the gym with you

Try not to touch your face or mouth during your workout

 Dr. Dominic Gaziano - Dr. G 
                The Feel Good Health Guy /  Health & Wellness Expert 

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