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Posted Aug 21 2009 10:58pm

Good Afternoon!

Our "Gumbo" day has concluded and I have to say all in all it was quite fun! There was a few nerve-wracking moments but for the most part my dog is not that bad after all. I had to perform a little tough love and essentially shove/dump him into the water but he was natural after that. Gumbo (our dog) officially knows how to swim. Yah!

Now the lead up to this swimming was a bit comical because my children are extremely protective of dear Gumbo. The minute we got him out of the car they were on high alert and were worried he was going to run away (he was on a leash) that he was going to drown (I was going to rescue him if needed) that another dog was going to attack him.... jeesh.. they seem to have no faith in me. Zoe started crying as we crossed the bridge in Zilker Park, sure that Gumbo was going to take the leap of faith off bridge straight into the lake. I know that I am not the best mother but sometimes I wonder what I have done to create such worry warts! Takes one to know one.

Anyhow, we had a hilarious time trying to get Mr. Gumbo in the water and once we finally did the kids relaxed and we all had a good time. We all have a bit of wear and tear from the adventure, slippery rocks and being dragged by a dog can be quite a workout! Speaking of workouts, I did a quick interval training run on the treadmill before heading out and plan on doing my weight shortly.

Gumbo was exhausted after all that swimming and the kids and I popped into the Daily Juice for some energizing smoothies for the ride home.

Emmet got the Vitamin C, I Told Ya - Texas Grapefruit Juice, Orange, Pineapple, Lemon and Lime. Tart and Refreshing.

Zoe got the Marigold Smoothie - Mango, Peach and Fresh Orange. Sweet and delicious.

I got the Green Sunset with Hemp Protein Powder- Mango, Cherry, Fresh Organic Carrot, Beet and Apple, Spinach and Spirulina. This is amazing! I was as exhausted as Gumbo after this little excursion, so this gave me a much needed boost!

But the dog fun did not end there, he was a little stinky from swimming in the Barton Springs (as were we) so we got Gumbo home and he needed a bath. Now generally, I am lazy and just take him to get groomed every so often but we loaded him up in the bathtub and worked hard giving him a nice shampoo and rinse. Poor Gumbo is wiped out after all this big excitement. He is sacked out at my feet.

I got myself cleaned up for the day and was still hungry even though I had had a smoothie earlier and there is just nothing better than a Peanut Butter and Banana on Pumpernickel Bread. So good!

Crunchy Peanut Butter and Banana on Pumpernickel

I am off to do my weights and enjoy this last day of summer break! Have a great evening.
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