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{Guest Post} How to Overcome Stress: 5 Keys to Making Less Stress and More Love in Your Sexy Marriage

Posted Sep 29 2011 11:34pm

A special thank you to our guest writer – Gina Parris. Learn more about Gina at the end of this wonderful article.

Let’s face it. Stress is not sexy. It is insidious.

Stress makes you sick, makes you tired, dumbs you down and gives you a negative perspective on life.

According to the American Center for Disease Control, stress is at the root of 90% of sicknesses.

According to well known cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, that number is even higher. Dr. Lipton names unresolved stress as the root cause of 95% of sicknesses.

That is good news and bad news.

The bad news is that our modern cultures are ripe with stressors.

The good news is that we can take steps to alleviate stress – in our bodies, in our homes and in our love life. We start to do this when we R.E.L.A.X.

Please, take a deep breath right now and as you exhale slowly, relax, relax, relax! Most of the things you are worrying about will not matter one bit 10 years from now, so focus on what will – your LOVE!

Here are five more keys to relaxing into less stress and more love for a sexy marriage.

R – Reschedule your time:

Make time for each other. Schedule time to connect – intimately. Would you believe the happiest couples even schedule time for sex? That sounds terribly un-romantic, but romance is made of all the stuff you do during and around your scheduled loving!

E- Exercise Together:

Exercise is one of the great mood-boosters and stress relievers (even though it often doesn’t sound like the most appealing activity.) Choose something you and your mate can do together, like a walk after dinner – or better yet, the Thrive90 program that we endorse for busy couples. Even if you exercise apart from each other, you will find yourself able to handle distressing situations with more calmness. That is sexy, as is getting physically stronger!

L – Laugh together

Laughter releases even more endorphins and frankly, laughing is easier than exercise. One study revealed that couples who watched a funny movie together were much more likely to have sex afterwards than those who watched a serious drama. So there’s one stress reliever leading right into a love booster! Lighten up and laugh.

A – Ask for What You Need:

So often we get stressed because we are overwhelmed with too much to do, and we think our spouse should be able to read our mind or know what we need.

When that happens we find ourselves complaining – either to ourselves, our friends or our mate. Ultimately – complaining is a form of cursing your situation. Yikes! Instead look at everything that is good about your situation, and communicate how it can become even better. Ask for help. And then – listen when your mate asks for help as well.

X – X-pect a Positive Outcome

Sure, I know that the word, “expect” doesn’t really start with “X” but the point is so good, I had to include it! When we move from dread to faith – we are able to see real transformation. We act so much nicer when we EXPECT goodness from those around us. Anxiety leaves the cells of our body, when we switch our focus.

Here’s an idea to put it all together:

Schedule some exercise, like a walk where you recall funny stories and ask each other what would make for a perfect week. Then start visualizing how that will feel when it has happened. Then just start speaking blessings over that vision.

“I am so happy and thankful that good things are on the way. I’m thankful that we are together and I’m thankful that we have a sexy, happy marriage. I’m thankful that the plan of God is coming to pass in everything we put our hand to. We are blessed to be a blessing…!”

Once you start, you won’t want to quit and you are literally changing your body’s chemistry to be healthier and happier. In that state of mind, one idea from Heaven can change everything –from your finances to your destiny!

The point is that stress is internal and so is Divine rest. In that place the lovin’ is supernatural!

Gina Parris is a speaker, performance coach, love expert and champion for the sexy marriage. She is dedicated to helping people heal their sexual and relational issues. Gina combines the best of sports psychology, energy therapy and Biblical promises for a love life that sizzles.

Get her FREE audio program: Secrets To Really Great Sex Tonight – even if you’re NOT in the mood at  

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