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{Guest Post} Health Tip: Keep your Immune System Strong this Winter

Posted Mar 08 2011 3:10pm

This time of year, moms everywhere are on guard against whatever the winter season throws at them and keeping the family healthy is at the top of all moms’ “to do” lists. The thing is, everyone kicks it into high gear when they feel a tickle in their throat or their child complains of a stuffy nose. They may immediately increase fluid intake, try to get more rest or begin all the preventive measures they usually try when they are trying to head off the inevitable.

But….doesn’t it make sense to be proactive and strengthen your immune system before it gets attacked? Products like Xigo do just that.

All three of our immune support products (Daily Immune Defense for Adults and Daily Immune Defense for Kids as well as Maximum Immune Defense) contain ingredients lactoferrin, l-glutamine and beta glucans that are already found in your body, but studies have shown that these nutrients are diminished when the body is stressed. These ingredients also have thousands of studies connecting them to immune health and Xigo is currently doing a clinical trial right now on our formulation.

Our Daily Immune Defense products are perfect as a preventive measure and are safe and effective to use year-round. And you’ll want Maximum Immune Defense when you feel like you might need a little extra help to keep you in tip-top shape. All the products are in great-tasting chewable tablets, giving you the added bonus of convenience and a quick start to them doing their job by starting right in the mouth.

In addition to supplements, here are a couple tips that you can implement right now to ward off these seasonal challenges:

  • Wash your hands. I know you’ve heard it over and over but it’s just a logical cause-effect story (touch germs, touch your mouth/nose or someone else’s stuff, spread germs).  Stop germs in their tracks with frequent hand-washing.
  • Don’t be so eager to share. In today’s world of “touch technology” – iPods, Nintendo DS games, smartphones it’s all too easy to share germs along with that funny text message or picture of your latest heartthrob. Teach your children to think about how they interact with others’ possessions. This goes for food too dump some pretzels into a bowl for your friends rather than having everyone reach into the bag for a snack. 
  • Get your rest. Study after study has shown that not getting a good night’s sleep negatively impacts the immune system. Make it a priority to turn out the lights at a consistent time every night, preferably before the clock strikes 12:00. Your “to do” list will wait and you’ll be refreshed and better armed to attack it in the morning.

All of these suggestions, along with a good supplement regimen for you and your family, can go a long way toward staving off the winter blues.

For info on Xigo, check out my blog here ( ), become a fan on Facebook ( or follow me on Twitter (@xigohealth). 

Guest blogger Ellen Schutt is Chief Mom Officer of Xigo Health, a dietary supplement company with a focus on moms. Xigo (pronounced “chee-go”) offers an immune support product line including Daily Immune Defense for Adults and Daily Immune Defense for Children, which are daily preventive products, and Maximum Immune Defense, for when you really need an extra boost. Ellen blogs about issues moms are concerned about and offers tips and ideas for keeping your family healthy. Her blog can be found at .

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