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Guest post: From carnivore to vegan - from his point of view.

Posted Apr 15 2010 12:03pm

I thought it would be interesting to give you a different perspective on our "vegan experiment" from someone who is a little less passionate about food and health than myself. Since he's doing it with me, I've asked B to write a few posts along the way about his take on it, and his experiences. Hope you enjoy...

I would first like to preface this by saying that this vegan experiment is not about losing weight or getting more healthy for me, and it is not about any kind of moral stance against animal cruelty. I am simply engaged to a woman who is a dietitian and interested in trying this and I thought it might be interesting to explore as well. I'm going to try my best not to quit and, hopefully, give you an idea of what it's like going from carnivore to vegan.

To give you an idea of who I am, I'm they guy who ate a box of spaghetti with a jar of sauce and pound of beef in one sitting. I used to order 40 wings when I went out for beer with my friends, and still battle the urge to go to fast food joints when I have a perfectly good salad for lunch. I love a good steak, sloppy ribs and roasted chicken. Over a year ago I made a commitment to myself to be more healthy though, to start eating human again and look after myself.
Then I met Janine who has had no small impact on my knowledge and has made a true difference in my mind set and health. I would credit her with actually putting at least a few years back onto my life.

Simply stated, to go vegan a year ago would have been laughable to me, but I stand here now ready and willing to try it, and try hard at it to boot.

I get asked what it's like living with a dietitian. I think people have an idea that it's some kind of food misery where the lifeline of everything tasty gets cut off. Like I'm on a cabbage soup diet until my BMI is on par, and if I'm good I get ice cubes for desert. First off I don't live with a dietitian, I live with a wonderful woman, and the fact she knows more about food just means that the incredible meals we make together (well, I try to watch at least) are actually really delicious AND healthy.

So far this week we have eased into this vegan thing like getting into a hot bath - first just a toe, and then slowly submerging until you can just relax with it. I finished using any dairy yesterday and that means I'm in with both feet now.

So Far today I have eaten a bowl of cereal (all vegan-approved of course) with some vanilla soy milk which was delicious to be honest. I used the same vanilla soy to cream my coffee and it was just like using a vanilla creamer -really tasty actually! I have a garden salad for lunch with beets, tomatoes, carrots, as well as the left over Channa Masala (chick pea curry, made with coconut milk - really hardy!) from last night and an orange. I also packed a snack of strawberries for later, so I'm set. To be honest, I would pack this lunch on any given day anyway so I'm not really feeling hard done by at all! It feels like this vegan thing is just more annoying to watch to make sure everything is animal-product-free as opposed to the perception that it's just eating lettuce.

The weekend is approaching though and these are the days I would traditionally be "bad" and have some pizza or something similar, so it might be more trying, I know Janine has some great ideas for meals and I think get my first real taste of tofu tonight! Wish me luck carnivores!


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