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Guest Blog: 10 Health Benefits of Honey

Posted Nov 03 2011 1:28pm

1. Natural Sweetener – About 70% of honey is natural fructose and glucose. While honey actually tastes sweeter and contains more calories than sugar, it is much easier for your body to break down because it has already been processed by bees. Consider using it as an alternative to sugar in coffee or tea. 2. Vitamins and Minerals – The vitamins and minerals in honey depend on the type of flowers that the bees visited before making it. Generally, honey contains many B vitamins, Vitamin C, calcium, and iron. 3. Energy – Honey has about 64 calories per tablespoon, and its carbohydrates are much easier for the body to convert into glucose than the carbs in sugar. It also helps maintain blood sugar levels and muscle recuperation during and after a workout. 4. Allergies – If you suffer from seasonal allergies, consider buying local honey. Honey made in your areas contains small amounts of the pollen that your body reacts to. If you have a little local honey each day, you can build up a tolerance to the pollen. 5. Immunity System – Honey contains lots of antioxidants that can destroy free radicals in the body which have been linked to many diseases, including cancer. 6. Weight Loss – When consumed with warm water and lemon juice, honey helps digest extra fat stored in your body. In fact, it can even burn fat that our bodies store while we sleep! 7. Wounds – Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties, so it acts as a natural antiseptic. It also speeds up the healing process by stimulating wound tissues. 8. Skincare – Honey is being used in more and more skincare products such as lotions, sunscreen, and facial cleansers. Why? Honey helps moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. It can also treat minor acne by fighting the bacteria that cause such outbreaks. 9. Sore Throat – Honey soothes irritated skin on contact and stimulates saliva production. It is especially good for children because it doesn’t have the side effects of medicine and tastes yummy! 10. Hair – When mixed with olive oil, honey makes a fabulous hair conditioner. It holds in moisture and will revitalize dry hair and scalp.

This article was written by Sally Davison.  She owns the site Fire Science Degree . Sally is an experienced EMT and loves to write various articles about health and safety.

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