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Grown up non-alcoholic drinks

Posted by Tamar F.

I was just reading in Food Arts magazine that non-alcoholic beverages have progressed far beyoung O’Doul’s and disgusting Red Bull. At the Fancy Food show in New York, lots of new drinks were introduced. “Organic”, “Natural”, “Healthy” and “Green” are the new buzz words in bars and hotel mini-bars. Coconut water, Amazon Acai and Rooibos red “espresso” tea are some of the hot offerings out there. South Korea is introducing gingeng tea drinks overseas, which inhibits “3 types of cancer cells” and has “anti-fatigue/anti-stress” effects.

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I don't drink that much so it would be nice to go to a bar and be able to order a non-alcoholic Acai cocktail. Usually what I end up drinking is just plain water, which is good for you, but isn't much of a "fun" drink.
I usually go for the bubblie water with a twist of lime or lemon.
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