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Grow vegetables for eye health

Posted Jan 31 2008 11:50am 2 Comments

Carrots help you see in the dark . Beta-carotene gives carrots their yellow colour. It forms Vitamin A, which is an antioxidant.

everlasting broccoli

Leafy green vegetables are very good for eyes, too. They contain lutein & Vitamin E which are antioxidants. Lutein protects the retina from sunlight.

Leafy green vegetables are the best veg in the garden in February. Examples are kale, spinach, cabbage and sprouting broccoli.

There are 3 types of sprouting broccoli:

  • white

    sprouting broccoli white

  • purple
  • perpetual

The white broccoli has small white flowering tips.

white broccoli spear

These are snapped off when about 2″ long.

sprouting broccoli picked

Steamed or boil them for 10-15 minutes for a very special veg.

Ours are about ready to harvest now.

white sprouting broccoli

The purple sprouters are a week or so later, & have a stronger taste.

The perpetual broccoli comes up year after year, so rather messes the rotation up. But it is easy to grow.

Beans are also important for eye health. Beans contain zinc, which is an essential element for healthy eyes.

- TopVeg

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I would love to grow a little veggie garden in the back yard. Yet..... I haven't ever gotten past the wishful fantasy stage. Maybe someday....

Lela - it is so easy to grow a few fresh veg. Start of with a very small container, which will only take 5 minutes a day to look after. Use an old bucket or pot & fill it with some general purpose compost from the shops. Plant your favourite vegetable - just buy one packet of seeds - or plant a couple of herbs - you can buy very small herb plants - plant them out & you will always have a supply of fresh green leaves!"

Give it a go!


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