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Greetings From...

Posted Aug 14 2008 10:05am
Sorry for the delay!!!

Well, I'm back in New York, but I was thinking greetings from California!! I've added a few pictures from my trip. It went way too fast and I miss my sister and cousins (and uncles) already!!

My sister and I calming our nerves at the airport with some Margaritas!!!

My caprese sandwich from the airport. It wasn't the best, but my choices were limited in Newark Airport. Mostly fried stuff with cheese. Ick.

In Huntington Beach (with my fave drink in the whole world-Iced Tea!)

We went to a restaurant called BJ's in Huntington Beach. Delicious-Southwest Rolls and a Santa Fe Salad.

My cousin told me that they're famous for this desert that they make called a Pzookie. They had and Oreo one, so I just had to try. Wow was it good!! Warm cookie, melty vanilla ice cream, doesn't get much better than that. ;)

At Pacific Beach in San Diego

All of my cousins, my sister and I, and my Uncle Joe and Suki at The Field in San Diego.
On the pier in beautiful San Clemente. It was so gorgeous out there we stayed on the pier taking pictures for over an hour!! It was unbelievable.

We finished our night at Molly Bloom's Irish Pub in San Clemente. It was a great night of eating and drinking and hanging out with family. We've got some great stories now!!

We came home completely exhausted and wanting more! It was a short, but great trip. We cannot wait to go back :)

I made a giant bowl of oatmeal when I finally got up yesterday. I was craving it big time. I can tell I was still exhausted because I completely forgot to take a picture! If you can believe it, I made the usual bowl :)

I also bought some watermelon at the store. It just looked so good, I couldn't resist. Rob and I managed to finish the whole thing in one day.

For dinner, we finally decided on Chinese food from across the street. We were both way too tired to cook something. (plus we completely ruined the frozen pizza in the oven-don't ask).

Before dinner I started on a Pomegranate flavored drink courtesy of Fizzy Lizzy . They did it again! This drink was delicious, a little less sweet than the grape, but still awesome. Go buy some. Now.

I had steamed veggies in garlic sauce over some brown rice.

Altogether, it was a great meal. I had trouble staying awake after that! 8:30 and it was bedtime for me!

Even though I slept for almost 12 hours last night, I woke up completely exhausted still. Maybe it was too much sleep? Or maybe the weekend was just catching up to me. I don't know. I decided to skip the gym this morning and go in the afternoon. I had another bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I wasn't feeling the greatest and didn't finish the whole bowl.

I also ordered some steamed veggie dumplings last night to have for lunch today. I ate all but one of these. It was kind of late in the day and I wanted to eat light. These were OK, they would've probably been better fresh last night.

Now its almost dinner time again and I have to think of something to eat. Again! Wish me luck!
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