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Green Tea Can Treat Skin Inflammation

Posted by Nirmala N.

The virtues of green tea can’t be trumpeted enough, but apparently, now it’s being used to treat skin disorders like psoriasis and dandruff. Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia who studied an animal model for inflammatory skin diseases discovered that those animals treated with green tea showed acute improvement. A chemical in green tea suppresses inflammation as it regulates the expression of a protein in genes which controls the life cycle of a skin cell, meaning that cells are instructed when to die off and form a skin barrier. People with psoriasis have skin cells that don’t die off as more are created, which results in lesions.

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Green tea has anti-oxidadants which will keep you young also.

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Grean tea is very useful herb specailly  for skin condition. first many cosmetic industuries are not so familiar about the usage of grean tea   oil for skin. Now it is widely used in many skin care product.

The gels or skin washer for acne on oily skin made by grean tea oil is prefferable thing.  Now grean tea is used not  only to cure  minor skin problem but it is widely use to treat some  serious skin conditoins like Psoriasis, Leucoderm and lupus etc

very great . thanks for your information


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