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Green Tea and the Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Posted Dec 31 2009 10:34am
Hundreds of studies have been conducted to determine just how and why green tea and various types of herbal tea seem to make such a difference in health and wellness.

Herbal tea is often used medicinally by those who prefer a more natural approach to health. It is believed that an upset stomach can be calmed by a cup of strong peppermint tea and sleeplessness overcome with a dose of chamomile tea. It is even thought that various herbal teas, green tea among them, have the ability to prevent cancer. Just the act of brewing and drinking a cup of herbal tea can be calming, as the aromas delight the drinker and the warm liquid soothes the throat.

Green tea is probably the most well-known and studied herbal tea. Sources ranging from The Journal of the National Cancer Institute to the Mayo Clinic have found exceptional benefits to green tea and its components. Coupled with thousands of years of documented anecdotes, the health benefits of herbal tea are compelling. In addition to potentially preventing cancer, green tea has also been credited with lowering the risk for heart disease, lessening symptoms of arthritis, preventing tooth decay, promoting natural weight loss and even eliminating bad breath.

Green tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis bush, but herbal tea will include other botanical elements, including leaves, roots, stems, and even the flowers of various plants. It is possible to make "tea" that doesn’t use Camellia Sinensis at all, although this would more accurately be referred to as an “herbal infusion” or “tisane” rather than an herbal tea.
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