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Green Moms Carnival Eco Confessions

Posted Jun 17 2009 6:06pm
Bless me Mother Earth for I have sinned, it's been absolutely ages since my last eco confession.

This post is for this month's Green Mom's Carnival. hosted by author Jenn Savedge at The Green Parent

These are just a few of my recent not so green ways:

My container garden with all my best grow my own food intention is overgrown with weeds. It doesn't help that it's rained and rained and rained.  As I have done in the past I plant my seeds and then typically ignore. I should be ashamed of myself. This time I stupidly planted seeds and then completely forget to write down what I planted in each container. As things started to sprout I found I didn't know which was a weed and which was the plant, now it's even harder to tell. Is that parsley??  I'll have to wait a bit longer to find out. I have enjoyed two types of lettuces and spinach from starts, and I think the seeds I planted will produce more leafy edible greens if the weeds don't crowd them out. Part of me thinks if I weed,  will I destroy half the garden by picking out the wrong thing?

Maybe I wasn't meant to be a gardener. Or maybe I should be more attentive and not take my garden for granted. Maybe when it isn't raining I should get out there and weed the darn thing

In preparation for my move....yes, I am moving!! ( more on that in a later post ) I have purchased the forbidden plastic bags, my favorite moving trick of the century, my last black plastic bag purchase was seven years ago.  I have purchased oodles of tape and will use oodles of tape. I find I am absentmindedly leaving all my lights on, running all my fans and occasionally I have eaten take out food for convenience sake.

I could be making my own mayo, mustard, salad dressings, and yogurt...but as I look at the inside of the fridge I  think about using things up. Not making more. The less food stuff I have to move - the better

I am decidedly purchasing food for snacking, grazing, quick cook and grab and go. It's not about being domestic queen right now. Yet the more I have on hand the less temptation there is to get something " to go"

In all my effort to get rid of, purge eco mindedly,  I am finding my patience is absolutely nil, yesterday I put things to curb - plastic things, things that I know someone else might find of use and thankfully someone did pick them up.  I felt bad however because if someone didn't find them useful and take them,  then my garbage would have just been something else added to the landfill.

I have resourced a friend who is hosting a Craig's list sale for me. I could just kiss her for her help. She asked that I take pictures and I find myself completely overwhelmed. How did I accumulate so much?  There is so much to sell. I'll be truthful -- It would be a heck of a lot easier to just pile the porch for Amvets to pick it all up instead. Give me the strength to strive forward please - couldn't it just be a tad easier to be green?

In the positive way to go green mama category, I am using packing boxes that I have had since 1985. I kid you not, I am packing in boxes that I have had for 24 years - I am also re-using packing newsprint.  I have been blessed that where ever I move I have the storage to hold onto these items. Since 1985 I have moved eight times and those really great dish pack and wardrobe boxes have been rather handy! 

Finally, this move has me putting on the car mileage. With money being incredibly tight and or flying out the window at the speed of light I have not yet planted trees to offset.  

Once I have settled in --I will calculate the mileage and do some offset planting.  I promise.

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