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Greek Yogurt! What's the difference!?

Posted Oct 18 2010 12:00am

While looking through some healthy substitutes for foods I ran across one I'd never really seen before. They suggested swapping out regular yogurt and eating GREEK yogurt. Greek yogurt has the same amount of calories as regular yogurt, BUT it has 2x's as much protein AND 1/2 as many carbs.

I hadn't really heard of "greek yogurt" so I went on reading around, and turns out this was actually one of my favorite foods while I was living in Albania! (we referred to it as Kos) This stuff really is so good and can be eaten as a sweet or savory dish.

Here's the rundown-Its "tang" or "tart" it's not all sweet like you night expect, for me it was an acquired taste, for some it's love at first taste. It's definitely got it's own taste though.
-Along with being rich in protein, it's also full of calcium, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12
-A new thing I learned was that lots of people who are lactose intolerant can eat yogurt without harmful effects because the "milk sugar" is changed to "lactic acid" in the yogurt
-Lactic acid has a probiotic effect naturally found in the yogurt, which can help gastrointestinal issues such as preventing diarrhea. -greek yogurt contains liquid whey which has cystine which ups your bodies levels of glutathione (a cancer fighting compound)

While both greek and american yogurt are good for you, because the greek is more "concentrated" you seem to get more benefits in less calories.

(information on greek yogurt from:

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