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Grass Fed Raw Milk Natural Cheese

Posted by Farmstead Fresh Inc

My name is Eldore Hanni, president of Farmstead Fresh Inc.

We make cheese on an organic farm. Our cheese products are professionally made from 'One Step Above Organic' grass fed raw milk. No grain, soy beans

or corn fed. Totally grass & hay. We ship our nutritionally balanced cheese to all 50 states. Check out our web site



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We manufacture 100% Organic Grass Fed Butter Oil / Ghee from Green pastures in spring and summer. it is produced in the US and is:

  • Naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).
  • A great tasting substitute for butter that smells and tastes great.
  • A 100% pure oil that has no salt, preservatives or artificial flavors or colors added.

 Grass Fed Butter Oil / Ghee is moisture free and has a longer shelf-life than butter. Great for travel.

 Difference between Regular and Grass fed Butter Oil:

 For more information:



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