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Grain Free Waffle Brownies in 5 Minutes or Less!

Posted Jan 23 2013 7:51pm

I’m not sure how many waffles one person can eat in a week…or how many different waffle recipes there can be (that taste good)… but I am currently testing the potential of those questions.

I’ll share a couple of my actual waffle recipes soon, but it’s practically an emergency for me to share this brownie (waffle-iron style) recipe!

I made 5 minute skillet brownies in the past, and I love them! Since I became obsessed with my waffle iron, I decided to try them in there (and then I forgot an ingredient)… and the results were SO awesome!

Grain Free Waffle Brownies in 5 Minutes or Less!

2 Tbsp coconut flour
2.5 Tbsp coconut oil (I melted 3 T, but some was left in the pan I melted it in)
1 egg
2 Tbsp cocoa powder (I used unprocessed unsweetened cacao powder this time… but Hershey’s Special Dark makes this taste most like “normal” brownies)
1/4 tsp NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia
2 tsp maple syrup (I finally found grade B maple syrup! I’m not big on sugar at all, but I am compromising this time!)

Heat the waffle iron on high. Mix all ingredients well except the coconut oil. While you’re mixing, melt the coconut oil. Add the oil to the batter, and mix well. Once the dough forms (it will be oily!), make your brownies by rolling them into balls and then smooshing them a bit (they won’t change shape too much in the waffle iron except to get the waffle marks). Once the waffle iron is heated, butter the waffle iron with salted butter (I use Kerrygold—just take the brick of butter and rub it on the hot waffle iron…be careful!). Add the brownies to the waffle iron in the middle spaces (avoid the waffle separation lines), close the lid and wait 10 seconds. Remove the brownies and eat them! If you keep them in there too long, they will get dry (a little under done is way better than overdone!). Depending on the temp of your waffle iron, you’ll need to adjust the time.

The number of brownies this makes is determined by how big you make them—I ate them all for breakfast one day, but it probably should serve two people!



I walked to Venice this morning, and it was the clearest morning here that I’ve seen—the mountains and islands were all in high definition!

I’m so happy I live here!

Also, I suppose since I filled you in before, I should update you now…even though it feels a little weird to talk about it on here  (but hey, I’m no stranger to being awkward!). I’m a free agent again–I decided I want to be single for now, so Scott and I aren’t seeing each other anymore. It’s not dramatic or due to conflict, I just need to go on a different path. He’s a super nice and awesome guy, and I’m just itching to be single for a while. My biggest hesitation about being single is that it doesn’t seem to be widely acceptable for someone to want to be single (especially a woman at my age). I’m supposed to want to be off the market, settling down, planning long-term life stuff with someone. But, well, I don’t want that right now. So… here I go back to exploring solo and just mingling with the masses!

I’ll share this waffle recipe soon–I want to make it one more time…it is light and yummy (and grain free and low carb and orange flavored!).

I also want to give you a glimpse of my experiment from earlier today! I have a lot to talk about in terms of gelatin, and this was my first actual recipe involving it! It’s …. wine “gummy bears” fruit snacks! These are great…and I mixed the ingredients over a low temperature so it wouldn’t burn off the alcohol :-)

I am going to make them once more to be sure the ingredients are right and then I plan to share the recipe on Wine Friday.

I’m off to the cousin’s apartment for dinner and a skosh (of wine, not in gummy bear format!). Her fiance is making us dinner… I’m loving the idea of being the guest and not the host–it’s been a while!  We’re celebrating (again) that The Killing is coming back for Season 3. This show is Kristen’s baby (look for her name in the opening credits as a producer), and we’re really excited for the next season!

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