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Got energy?

Posted by Sue R. Registered Dietician

Standing in line at the grocery store several days ago I overheard a conversation between the couple in front of me. The woman turned to her companion and said, "I am feeling so tired." The reply back was, "Here you go, try one of these," as her friend reached over and grabbed a Red Bull from the nearby refrigerated case.

Does this sound familiar?

Have you gotten into the habit of reaching for that "instant energy" when you are feeling run down and out of steam?

I ran across an article about energy drinks that was pretty enlightening. Its a good summary, so rather than just repeat the information for you, here's the link so you can read all the details yourself: ... nkFact.pdf

Bottom line: Try a nap :)
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I'm not sure if I consider that ingesting a stimulant is "adding energy". I think of it as taking a stimulant! Its quite like choosing to take a really strong cup of coffee, or a double shot of expresso when you feel tired. I hope most people know that stimulants are a double-edged sword -- in addition to feeling jittery and on edge, they let you down when they wear off. If you use them frequently, your body adapts to their presence in your system, and they stop working (that's why your friends who drink too much coffee can still sleep after an evening cup of Jo).

If you can take a 20-40 minute afternoon nap instead of the stimulant, you are likely to feel better, be more productive, and still get a full night's sleep.

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