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Good soda alternatives?

Posted by William G.

I don't like water. I like caffeine. What can I drink besides soda?
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Sparkling water is great. Plus sweetened with some fruit juice. Or even there are many stores that sell a flavored sparkling water.
if you do drink a lot of soda, cutting it out cold turkey may not be an adjustment you'll be able to stick with. I'd switch to diet first. Then, after you've gotten the rest of your diet under more control, you can cut out even diet soda
If it is the caffeine you want, consider trying green tea. You will not only get the caffeine but also get antioxidants.  If you are craving the sugar of the soda, then try adding honey or a small amount of real cane sugar to your tea.

Hi William,

Iced tea might be a good choice too. You can brew it strong or weak depending upon how you like it and you can try any of the thousands of different teas out there to find something that you like. You can also start drinking the tea with a small amount of sugar and gradually decrease it. I think that you might find that you like it without sugar if you find one with a flavor that you like and let yourself get used to it over time. 

Getting soda out of your diet is SUCH a great health move. I applaud you for trying to make some change in your health. Good luck and find something that you LIKE so that you will stick with it.

Kerri Knox, RN

I don't like water either. I drink Crystal Light in my water. Still calorie free, and they have tons that have added caffeine. And fiber. And vitamins.
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