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Good News for Malawian Children

Posted by Nirmala N.

Children suffering from malnutrition in Malawi may benefit from a new enriched peanut-butter mixture. About 70 percent of children in Malawi suffer from malnutrition, and 13 percent die from it before age five. A researcher at St. Louis Children's Hospital has researched the effect of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food on Malawian children; the peanut-butter mixture contains ingredients like oil, milk, sugar, peanuts, and extra vitamins. It is given to mothers to feed the children at home. A three-year study revealed that using the peanut-butter feeding program garnered great results; among 2,131 severely malnourished children, 89 percent recovered after being treated.

"The peanut-butter feeding has been a quantum leap in feeding malnourished children in Africa," Manary said. "The recovery rates are a remarkable improvement from standard therapy."

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