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Good news for Gatorade G2 drinkers!

Posted Jan 12 2010 5:29pm
Hip, hip hooray!  Gatorade has listened to its customers and is ridding it's popular G2 drink of HFCS! 

From an e-mail received from a Gatorade employee (the bold is their addition):

Gatorade’s G2, a low-calorie sports drink with less than half the calories of Gatorade but all of the same hydration benefits, can keep you energized and hydrated for your workouts or sports activities. Through our research and understanding of athletes, we have learned that many have a negative perception of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).   Even though scientific research has shown that HFCS does not impact obesity, we understand the concerns, and HFCS has been removed from G2 to better address the needs of our consumers. And at only 20 calories per 8-oz, G2 is already a low-calorie option that active people can turn to for optimal hydration.
Additional details on the reformulated G2:
·         HFCS will be removed from all G2 moving forward.
·         The carbohydrate source in G2 will now be sucrose, which will fuel working muscles during activity to enhance athletic performance.
·         G2 provides an electrolyte blend that offers optimal hydration with 110 mg of sodium (per 8 oz) – the most important electrolyte for hydration – and carbohydrate levels designed to speed fluid absorption.

Ok, so they still don't seem to get the point of why many of us choose to rid our diet of HFCS, but we won't squabble over the details - it's gone now! 

Good job getting rid of the HFCS in G2, Gatorade! about ridding the rest of your products of HFCS?  Even your research shows that your customers don't think highly of HFCS!
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