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Good News For Carb Lovers

Posted by Lela D.

In September 2007, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported the results of study that found more carbohydrates in your diet may increase your cognitive rate. In other words, pasta makes you think faster! Yay! Scientists studied two groups of dieters, both high carb and low carb. While the researchers didn't find changes in mood between the two groups of study participants, they observed that the high-carb dieters performed faster on intelligence and reasoning tests. Wahoo, bring on the rice!

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Some scientists have proven that we use 9/10ths of our inherent ability. Tapping into that momentous ability helps with a healthy body and mind set. In this study by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition were IQ tests given, reaction tests given or any form of inherent abilities tested to offset the difference between the dieters. Eating oneself to intelligence alone doesn't add up. That is handling the body, which helps. However, we still have the mind and spirit to rehabilitate. That's not done with carbohydrates.
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