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Good Health = Fewer Sick Days

Posted Oct 01 2008 4:28pm

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I give myself a big fat “DUH” for today’s entry on good health leading to fewer sick days.

But the truth is, since losing weight, ramping up my exercise regimen and eating (relatively) clean, I’ve only taken a handful of sick days in the past four and a half years — and twice, they were for pink-eye!

I used to get sinus infections, upper-respiratory infections, strep … On top of that, I have IBS, but because of my healthy diet and regular exercise (as well as avoiding foods that trigger my IBS) I’ve had relatively few flare-ups since starting Weight Watchers.

With our nation’s health care system in crisis, it’s a good thing to be relatively healthy most of the time. We never know when things will take a turn for the worse, and the best defense is good offense.

At my company, our sick, vacation and personal days are all rolled into one lump sum called “paid time off.” Because I so rarely have needed to take actual sick days, I can “afford” to take the mental health day I so often crave.

These do the mind (and body) good.

How about you? Have you noticed the correlation between being healthy and fewer sick days?

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