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Goji Berries: an awesome superfood

Posted Feb 18 2012 11:48pm

Goji Berries. The relatively unknown dried berry is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Research links the berry to cancer preventive qualities, it also is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin B, and several other powerhouse nutrients.

Works great as part of a trail mix, or can be added to smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, or just about anything else.

The berry is supposed to help in the anti-aging process, and assist in creating healthier hair and skin.

Be careful purchasing Goji Berries, because some Goji berries may be what are called "Wolfberries". Goji berries should be slightly sweet with a slight cranberry tang to them. If they have a cardboard type very unpleasant taste that feels like you are going to have to force yourself to eat them then they are probably wolfberries. I used to get mine from an online store that went our of business, now I get mine at Whole Foods.

Here is an online seller that has a product that I have used, although they are not cheap. Even at Whole Foods, goji berries can be $10 to $15 per pound.

There is another product I HIGHLY recommend called Total Goji 100. It is a liquid and contains the total berry, including pulp, meat, skin, seeds, and seed oils. The company, Genesis today, is a very high quality company, always making every attempt to process all their products in the traditional way. It tastes like a sweet tomato juice and I add it to my smoothies or drink a tablespoon straight, when I can afford it. A bottle cost $40, but will last a month. The link to Genesis today Total Goji can be found here .

I noticed when I started a paleo-style trail mix of goji berries, hunza raisins, cashews, sprouted pumpkin seeds and other nuts that it had a tendency to satisfy my short term hunger more that most my other healthy snacks . I equate that phenomena to that goji berries having a good supply of nutrients to satisfy the body's short term needs. as I said however, make sure that you find a quality product.

There have been numerous studies done on goji berries, and a list taken from another blogger is listed below showing many of goji health benefits verified from scientific studies. I don't see goji berries as a "cure all" miracle food, i.e. eat a handfull and it cures your cancer, but as a food high in nutrients that assists the body's natural immune system in fighting disease.

- Increase energy levels.
- Relieve stress, fatigue and anxiety.
- Strengthen muscles and bones.
- Build lean muscle mass.
- Stimulate the growth of Human Growth Hormone.
- Increase strength, stamina, endurance, reflex responses

- Balance and reduce blood sugar levels
- Acts as and anti-inflammatory.
-Promotes the healing of wounds.
- Enhances the effectiveness of cancer treatment.
-Reduces and eliminate tumors.
-Reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

- Improves libido and fertility.
- Improves the functioning of the liver and to treat Hepatitis B.
- Promotes normal kidney function.
- Relieves gastric intestinal disorders.
- Treats menopausal symptoms.

- Relieves menstruation problems.
- Promotes weight loss.
- Relieves insomnia, headaches and improve sleep.
- Promotes longevity and good health.
- Resists allergies.
- Helps relieve depression.
- Increases calcium absorption..

- Combats auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chrohn's disease, fibromyalgia and psoriasis.

-Help in the prevention of cancer including metastasis of cancer of the colon, lung, liver, kidney, breast and/or cervix.

-Improves overall brain functions, such as memory, mental alertness, perception and attention span.

- Enhances the prevention and treatment of senility and Alzheimer's disease.

- Defends against premature aging, fighting free radical damage throughout the body.

- Strengthens and regulates the immune system and improve resistance to disease.

- Assists with the treatment of HIV/AIDS, as an immune system enhancer.

- Builds strong blood cells, enhancing the production of red and white blood cells and platelets and helps in the prevention and treatment of leukemia.

- Improves eyesight and combat against diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and cataracts.~dw~

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