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Go Green: Buy a BPA Free Water Bottle!

Posted Aug 14 2009 6:48pm

Last summer I made the switch to a BPA free reusable water bottle. I was at our annual beach week in New Jersey when Danny’s sister came in with about four reusable water bottles. I was interested in them especially because they looked so cute in the bright colors and flip top straw. Also, I was kind of tired of lugging two huge plastic water bottles back and forth from work every day; not to mention the price of Poland Spring bottles really adds up!

I wanted to get one, but I needed to look into it first. What the heck does “BPA free” even mean??? Turns out there are A LOT of reasons to purchase a “BPA free” water bottle. The first one being, obviously, it is good for our environment. Every plastic water bottle you DON’T buy prevents it from being in a landfill.

The ABSOLUTE WORST water bottle you can buy is the one that most people DO buy, the one time use water bottle, like Poland Spring or Fiji. You are supposed to use them only once, but I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people use these things until they look like the leaning tower of Pisa. These plastic water bottles have been proven to leach toxic chemicals after repeated use. They also can grow harmful bacteria inside any cracks in the bottle, which is GROSS and NOT good for you.

The second type of water bottles people use are the reusable ones used by sports players or campers, but if they do not say “BPA free” they still can be made from a type of plastic that also leaches chemicals. If you put any type of hot liquid in them, or leave them in the car it could cause the chemical BPA to leach faster. (BPA is a synthetic hormone that can cause cancer.)

So your best bet is to find a “BPA free” or aluminum water bottle that will not break down and leach harmful chemicals into you or your family’s bodies!

After reading all of that I ordered my BPA free water bottle express delivery! The water bottle I ordered was thisone. Not only will you be saving money and the environment, but you’re saving your health too!

* If you order a Camelbak, order one with a clear (instead of blue) top. They are easier to clean AND stay cleaner longer.

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