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Glycemic load vs. glycemic index

Posted by Mary Ann P.

The glycemic index of a food is the amount you have to eat before it raises your blood sugar. The glycemic load is the amount of carbs times the glycemic index. What difference does that make? Well, according to Dr Ornish’s new book The Spectrum it makes quite a bit of difference.

For instance, carrots and potatoes have about the same glycemic index but they glycemic load of the potato is much higher because it’s got tons more carbs than carrots do. So a baked potato will cause some people’s blood sugar to spike while a carrot won’t.

Other foods with a high glycemic load include, white rice, white bread, pasta, Cheerios, Grape-nuts and corn flakes. Some low glycemic load foods are air popped popcorn, lentils, All-Bran and whole-grain bread.

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I had a friend who said all white foods were poison. White bread, white rice, potatoes, white sugar, white pasta - all of it no good for you. Looks like science backs it up!
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