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Posted Aug 23 2008 3:20pm
Okay, so I was feeling much more positive about my food options on not so much. I have been very tired the last week or so and with the heat and my allergies I really do not have the energy to do much of anything, which includes trying to figure out what to eat, cooking, etc. Last night I did not do too bad as I had two tacos for dinner. Sure they were drive through, but they were gluten-free.

The thing is I have a hard time eating to begin with because I just don't get hungry. At the end of March when I was sick I went for over 10 days without eating. Granted, I was really sick...turned out to be pancreatitis, but the reality is I can go for several days without eating and it does not even phase me. That is as long as I have something to drink, can't go without that. It could be all the nausea I get with my MS, chemo, and fatigue. I just don't have the appetite and when I am tired I would really rather just not eat then use what little energy I do have to cook and then clean up the mess from cooking. Then when it is hot out I loose my appetite even more. The last thing I want when I am overheated is to stand over a hot stove and eat something hot only to feel worse. I tend to drink much more water which is good, but the eating is my big problem. I am not really sure what the solution is. Unless you have an illness that just wipes you out, it probably is difficult to understand why. Now that I have to make sure everything is gluten-free I am finding that even more difficult.

I know I was feeling positive because most of what I do is gluten-free, but that is on my good days. The days when I have energy and am able to plan and cook a meal. That is when I eat a lot of fish, rice, vegetables. It is when I am not doing good, that is when I really have problems eating. Today for example. I am not hungry at all. It is almost 5pm and I have not eaten yet. I have no desire to eat anything. Nothing sounds good. I know I need to eat and so my first inclination is to just get something quick and easy. Normally I would order a pizza, grab a sandwich, or throw a frozen dinner in the oven....this is where I am lost as all of those things have gluten in them. Everything easy seems to have gluten. Even the healthier choices.

I am VERY tired today....slept until almost noon. I did manage to force myself to get up and do about 30 minutes worth of my exercises. 10 minutes on the NuStep, 10 minutes on the Recumbent Bike, and my balance/strengthening exercises. That seemed to only wipe me out even more....but I know I need to keep it up. When it is hot out my MS is more prevalent and so doing the exercises is even more important. You see in the summer I tend to be much more weak and I tend to fall a lot. The more balance and strengthening exercises I do the better my body will be able to handle those times when the heat really effects me.

Anyway, to get back on subject, I really have no desire to eat and an even less desire to cook something. My preference would be if I must eat to get something that is quick and easy. Problem is I can't run to get a Taco each time I am not feeling well or tired. I really need to find some resources as to good tasting food that is gluten-free and easy. I used to purchase foods that I could easily do, like frozen lasagnas.....things I can just throw in the oven and not have to put much energy into. You can't do that and be least not from what I can see. Everything I am seeing at the store that is gluten-free (i.e breads, pastas) are very expensive and really, doesn't sound like they would taste very good. I must admit, I am picky and rather than eat something I don't like I just go without. I am not finding any good tasting, quick and easy meals. So, if you know of something, please let me know. I need all the help I can get.

I have been given some websites to check out though so maybe I will come across something. It will take me some time to go through all of them, but I am sure there is something out there to help (at least I am hoping). Pretty much everything I am finding so far though requires you making it from scratch. Don't get me wrong, I am a good cook, I just don't have the energy and strength to cook most days. So then what do you do?

So if you are reading this and following a gluten-free diet, I am pleading with you that if you have some kind of solution to my problem (in other words.....what to eat when you are unable to cook....preferably something you can keep in the fridge or freezer that you can just pop in the microwave and/or oven that tastes good) please let me know. I am asking for too much? Maybe. I hope not! Until next time...........
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