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Gluten Free Diet

Posted by susan m.

I just went to see a naturopathic doc. He told me that I need to try out a gluten free diet for three weeks - that means no wheat, no barley, no oats -and as I saw it - NO FUN. But so far it hasn't been that bad - I feel better already. And Whole Foods has a whole bunch of gluten free foods - you just have to ask and someone will take you around the store.
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Yeah!! You have such a smart doctor asking you to go gluten free. Most people think that gluten sensitivity is rare, but really it affects over 15% of the population.

One thing though Susan, most people try to replace all of the gluten foods in their diet with the "same" foods that are gluten free. This is a big mistake. If you truly are gluten sensitive, then you need to HEAL your digestive tract and eating a bunch of processed grains, even if they are gluten free, will be a long slow track to getting well.

If you just eat whole, unprocessed foods then your diet will naturally be gluten free. Meats, dairy, fruits vegetables and most whole unprocessed grains are already gluten free and taste great. 

In good health,

Kerri Knox, RN

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Glad you are on the track to feeling better. It takes about 6 months to heal the damage. Lots of fruits and vegetables. There is no need to feel deprived though, we have been on a gluten free diet for many years and there are lots of alternatives.

My family likes my homemade recipes best!

Keep up the good work,


Did your doc test you first to be sure it was celiac and not something else? You could be masking a wheat allergy which is quite different from celiac.  Also, if you have not had anitbody titers done, you have no yardstick to show if you have improved - other than feeling better. If you have some sort of symptoms in the future it will not be possible to tell if it a reistant celiac or something else. In short - ask about testing!

Lynn Cicero, M.S., R.D.

I have been tested and found to be Celiac...and I am having a hard time finding items around here that are gluteen free.Does anyone know of a weigthloss diet for Celiacs?
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