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Getting Started with Superfoods Part 1

Posted Feb 11 2010 10:05pm

February 18th, 2009

Today’s blog post discusses the benefits of superfoods. There is much confusion on the topic because of marketing hype surrounding many superfood supplements. In this article I review my top 7 raw vegan superfoods.

On a raw foods diet, my two favorite food categories are green smoothies and superfoods. I am often asked what a superfood is.

There are many myths surrounding superfoods. A recent article in Readers Digest had a list of their top 5 superfoods. It listed low nutrient, acidic junk foods such as peanut butter, oysters, tofu, and buffalo meat. Really?!? yuck!

Real superfoods are nutrient dense plant foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients. Superfoods taste delicious and satisfying. They increase vitality and energy, prevent premature aging, boost the immune system, and they help prevent and reverse disease.

As a kid, I thought Cheerios cereal was a superfood because they make a big deal out of their “14 Vitamins & Minerals.� Today we all have access to real superfoods that contain over 90 vitamins and minerals per serving!

Eating superfoods will help us reach our full potential of perfect health, along with freedom from disease, aches, and pains! They help to eliminate food cravings which are often caused by a nutrient deficiency. When you eat nutrient rich superfoods, your deficiencies are quickly eliminated along with your cooked food cravings!

A couple of the bigger benefits are the anti-aging and longevity effects. When you eat superfoods, you receive all your essential nutrients in a small quanity of food.

Scientific studies on longevity reveal that people who eat large quantities of food have shorter life spans and higher rates of disease. People who eat a lower calorie, nutrient dense diet live longer with less disease.

On a raw superfood diet, you receive the same longevity and anti-aging benefits of a “Calorie Restricted� diet without being hungry! You can eat as much as you want and be completely satisfied after each meal. Raw vegan superfoods are the fountain of youth!

Here are my top 7 superfoods for achieving optimal health and longevity.


Sprouts are the foundation of live food cuisine. There are thousands of foods that can be sprouted into superfoods.

They are inexpensive, easy to grow all year round, and they contain an average of 10 to 30 times more nutrients than the best organic vegetables. Sprouting removes the enzyme inhibitors and activate their full nutritional potential.

Some of my favorites include sunflower, quinoa, broccoli, lentil, alfalfa, mung, clover, mustard, and fenugreek. The sunflower sprout is one of the few plant sources of vitamin D!

At many of the raw food health retreats, such as Hippocrates, sprouts make up 50% of the diet. Sprouts are living foods. Living foods are more important than raw foods because they have more life force, more enzymes, more nutrition, and they are easier to digest. I usually make salads, nori rolls, or green smoothies with a mixture of three or four different types of sprouts.

The use of sprouts as food and medicine is an ancient practice that has been described in historical records thousands of years old. They are concentrated sources of nutrients and contain just as much protein by weight as red meat, without the harmful fat and cholesterol.

There are a few different techniques for sprouting. You can grow them with water only using a manual sprouter or a colander. There are also sprouting jars and bags. I like the “Sproutman Hemp Sprout Bag� designed by Steve Meyerwitz.

Sprouts can also be easily grown with an automatic sprouter such as the Freshlife or EasyGreen. Some sprouts can be grown in soil with simple plastic garden trays from your local nursery, and the EasyGreen sprouter can also use soil.

The use of ocean water to grow sprouts has been gaining popularity this past year. The Ocean Grown company carries a powerful ocean water solution which contains over 90 mineral elements, which you can use to water your sprouts and wheatgrass. The OceanGrown solution can also be used in the EasyGreen with great results.

The Ocean Grown website has been recently updated and has some neat nutritional information

I purchase my sprouting seeds from my local health food store. If your local store does not carry them, Steve ‘The Sproutman’ Meyerwitz has a good selection of sprouting seeds.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the superfoods article coming later this week.

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I am excited to announce the addition of new products to my store!

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* A new cutlery line is being added today. They are professional chef knife sets manufactured by Furi for Rachael Ray.

That’s all today, thank you for reading my friend!

To your great health,

Mike Snyder
author, The Raw Foods Diet Newsletter

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