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Getting More Healthy With a Nutrition Coach: Spotlight On Fascinating New York Times Article

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:10pm

Given that I'm not only a journalist but also a certified holistic health counselor -- I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition -- I was absolutely fascinated by this New York Times article, "Winning the Nutrition Game With the Help of a Coach," from reporter Eilene Zimmerman.

Kudos to Zimmerman for having the insight to tap into a nationwide trend: More are more confused consumers are finding that their health and life improve by getting guidance and support from a nutrition-oriented coach.

The New York Times reporter puts it succinctly. One woman -- who'd unsuccessfully tried Weight Watchers and other approaches -- finally was able to shrink in size from 279 puonds to 128 pounds with the help of a private nutrition coach, who gave her the guidance and support she desired.

Zimmerman observes in her article that folks turn to one-on-one help, because they're motivated by a particular desire -- whether it's to lose weight, manage their diabetes, bring down their high cholesterol levels, handle food allergies, combat fatigue or resolve sleep problems.

In fact, the woman featured in the lead to the Times story -- Mariam NoorzaiI of Camarillo, Calif. -- is quite dedicated to her nutrition coach.

Zimmerman writes:

"Ms. Noorzai finds coaching so crucial to her well-being that she has cut certain luxuries out of her life to afford the several hundred dollars a month for her weekly phone sessions with Mr. Zehetner [her nutrition coach]. 'I stopped going out at night, I don’t get manicures or pedicures, I don’t get my hair cut as often,' she said.

"Thanks to the coaching, `I know now how to make food work for me,' she said. “I’ve introduced myself to new foods and learned where the hidden calories are,' she added. `I know how to better combine foods, like proteins and carbs. What Brian is teaching me is a lifetime skill, not a quick fix. It’s literally changed my life.'”

That's sure is heartening. To think that nutrition coaches nationwide are creating such an amazing impact is absolutely inspiring!

FYI, after attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I realized that I could help people more if I became very specialized in my nutrition coaching. Right now, my focus is to help people break free from their sugar addiction. (People like to call me a "Sugar Liberation Coach.")

In addition, given my hectic schedule promoting my book SUGAR SHOCK! and doing group teleseminar programs, my work one-on-one with people is limited. (I can only work with three people at a time. If you're interested in private, kick-sugar coaching, you can contact me privately.)

Again, make sure to read Eilene Zimmerman's fascinating New York Times article, "Winning the Nutrition Game With the Help of a Coach."

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