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Getting Kids to Eat Their Peas

Posted by Lis S.

I am a childcare provider, and while not a parent myself, I have the unique experience of working very closely with dozens of families. One benefit is that I see what works and what doesn't work in lots of different families. I have always been interested in nutrition and think it's one of the most important parts of raising a child. As a parent or caregiver, you are not only responsible for making sure the child receives proper nutrition, you are teaching eating habits. To me, that means you've only won half the battle if you are forcing your kids to eat vegetables and having a fight and a power struggle over it every night. If dinner table conversation consists of nothing more than who is eating what, are you enjoying your family time? I have some ideas for how to make eating well enjoyable for everyone.
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What are some of your ideas for making eating at the table enjoyable for everyone?
in the bottom of their spaghetti or inbetween their bread.
Casseroles or sandwiches and even smoothies with green juice from Trader Joe's as a covert operation might work.
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