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Getting Fit with Kids

Posted Sep 02 2010 5:00am

Whether you are a homeschooling family, or annoyed that your kids only get PE for a quarter of the school year, or PE has been cut entirely from your curriculum due to budget cuts, it becomes necessary to supplement their physical education at home!  There are 3 components of fitness that children should be involved in:

Strength: Using monkey bars, playing tug of war, climbing, sit ups, or handstands (At Erica’s soccer game on Saturday, she was apparently getting bored as the goalie.  The ball was coming down the field toward her goal, and we had to yell at her to stop doing handstands!  Real competitive one, that girl!)


Endurance: Playing tag, jumping on a trampoline, riding their bikes, soccer


Flexibility: tying their shoes, cartwheels.


The Utah education curriculum website has lesson plans and ideas for physical education.  I found two on there I thought were fun:

Scavenger hunt - it’s a website that pops up differnet things to search for in your house.  You can play with one or two players, click the button, and search for the item that it tells you.  You have to run to get the item and run back to the computer to see the next item.  Lot’s of running!

Fitness Challenge This one presents different challenges the kids can do like push ups, sit ups etc.

DSC_8933 I wanted to introduce you to Annett Davis, an Olympic volleyball player that home schools her two children.  Her website is Fitmomsfitkids !

Anyway- I asked Annett about homeschooling and exercise.   I’ve pasted what she told me about how her family handles it:

I am a part of 2 homeschool support groups.  Both offer PE classes for homeschooled kids, both are better than our public school programs.  In CA the PE and music programs are being cut, cut, cut!  Both of my homeschool groups also have hiking clubs once a week.  We go on 1 1/2- 2 hour hikes with a guide whose climbed just about every major mountain in the world.  She is very knowledgeable, so they get exercise and are educated along the way.   Plus, homeschooled children can join sports teams in their cities just like any other child.  My kids do track, swimming, football, baseball, and dance throughout the year.  Last year my son via my homeschool group also took an 8 week fencing class!  We have about 15-20 homeschoolers in that class!  Homeschooling should not be an excuse, it actually should be a plus to get out and exercise as a family.

THANKS ANNETT!! Check out her website and take her challenge . to get fit!

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