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Getting Creative with Yonanas

Posted Apr 12 2013 9:13pm
No, I do not mean getting creative with your Nana. I’m talking about getting creative with Yonanas. Over the Christmas break I happened to become acquainted with a little something called Yonanas. I know that it is all a marketing scheme and banana soft serve has been all over the blog world for ages, however I am going to share some of my thoughts and comments on it.

The general functionality of it works just as it says it does. Having tried the whole banana soft serve thing with a blender/magic bullet, I can definitely confirm that the Yonanas is much more convenient and gives a much less melty ‘soft serve’.

At first I was concerned the clean up would be a pain, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly one can clean the parts after using. I would say equivalent to the effort required to clean a blender (or maybe even less depending on the size of your blender).

So the only problem? Lack of variety. It is much easier to toss things to your blender when you make banana soft serve, but you can not throw just anything into the Yonanas.

Thankfully with a little creativity there is a simple solution –> Make your own banana shaped add ins:

I suggest using at least one banana to get a tasty texture but beyond that you can add pretty much anything! I often use greek yogurt, protein powder, cocoa powder all mixed together and frozen around the banana.

Just use plastic wrap to wrap and stick it in the freezer to THOROUGHLY freeze before putting it through the yonanas.

Since I often find the banana/protein powder too sweet by itself I will often mix in pumpkin:

Sometimes when I feel like I want to visit an alligator, I throw in some spinach and make it a froyo style alligator stew:

Yup, the Yonanas can even handle spinach my friend!


Have you hear of the Yonanas appliance before? How do you feel about banana soft serve?

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