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Get the kiddies involved!

Posted by Tamar F.

I don’t have kids, but if I did, I’d get them involved in “agrientertainment” activities. There are lots of farms out there that host Fall fests, complete with pick your own pumpkins, petting the dairy animals and drinking fresh cider. This is a great way to introduce kids to where healthy food comes from.

Another wholesome activity for kids is 4-H. I’ve judged 4-H contests and these kids work hard to grow and cook things for the family – exactly the kind of activity we’d like to see them involved with! I mean, would you rather a little boy be planning out a nutritious recipe or be shoving quarters into a machine for Cheetoes?

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It's true - fall, halloween, thanksgiving, etc. are great opportunities to show your children where natural foods come from. Some of my best memories of Halloween do not come from the candy or t-ping the neighbors, but from picking out my own pumpkin from a patch. It amazed me to see that that's where they came from - not from the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin, as one would have thought.
I have fond memories visiting the pumpkin patch with my daughter and seeing all the colors -- leaves being red, orange, brown and yellow. My daughter loved seeing where pumpkins grow -- a lot different and more down-to-earth than buying one in the supermarket. Corn field maze is fun too. Fresh apple cider, apple pie, apple ice cream, apple turnovers, caramel apples...
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