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Get sexy skin! Top Tips To Glow Part Two

Posted Aug 05 2010 7:42am

Hello there!

I'm back today with Part 2 of the Top Tips To Glow . There's seven great tips coming right at you below. Have you read Read Part 1 yet? Start there and then continue on to these tips.

7. Sweating

Getting your sweat on by doing movement that you love is a crucial way to eliminate toxicity from the body. If you have skin problems, you have toxicity.
Ideally you want to exercise outside, so that you are also exposed to fresh air and not stuck in an enclosed space with recycled and heated or air conditioned air. Sometimes this can be difficult to avoid, and if you enjoy working out in these conditions then all the power to you, but the ideal way to sweat is in the great outdoors.

Depending on your skin health, you may not be able to sweat without pain. I certainly wasn’t able to for a long time due to my eczema being so painful. If this is the case, do not stress over it. Just focus whole-heartedly on elimination via your other channels, particularly the colon .

If you suffer from acne or other clogged skin conditions, it is a smart idea to wash your skin well after sweating to wash away any lingering bacteria.

8. Skin brushing and exfoliation
It’s so easy to neglect our skin. We can cover up all day long, load chemicals on to our skin externally and eat them so they poison us internally. And every day while you do this, your skin is shedding masses of dead skin cells and trying to push out unwanted toxins. Why not help it along with some dry skin brushing and exfoliation?

Dry skin brushing before you shower will clear the pathway for greater toxin removal and allow the skin to “breathe” better. It also helps to break down cellulite, wake up your circulation and stimulate your immune system. It’s even very energising and warming so it’s a great habit to get into when you first wake up before you shower!

You can also exfoliate when washing, but it doesn’t a few minutes of dry skin brushing. The latter will have much more health benefits for your body and your skin.

If you have irritated skin, eczema, psoriasis or another similar skin condition, it is best to avoid these areas. It will only serve to irritate them. But when your skin is better get to it, or do it now on the areas that aren’t inflamed or irritated. You’ll definitely notice the improvement in your skin quality and smoothness.

9. What you are thinking

Yep, even what you think can affect your skin health. If you are in the depths of depression, irritable, moody, allowing yourself to think negative thoughts or negative self-talk, you will really be limiting your body’s ability to heal and give you the luscious skin you want!

Have you read any Louise Hay? She has wonderful writings around the link between our thoughts and feelings and the physical symptoms we experience ( this book in particular is a great resource to learn more about what is associated with that and I also love this one ). Skin problems are so often a reflection of what we think and feel about ourselves, particularly a lack of self worth, poor self image, and a feeling of not being beautiful/good/slim enough.

They are often also very related to that dreaded “s” word – yep, you got it – stress. Hell, what condition isn’t affected by stress?!

Ask yourself what you think and feel about yourself, how you are choosing to handle stress in your life and how you are choosing to respond to challenging situations? It might give you some insight into the emotional and mental culprits behind your skin or other health issues.

10. Clothing, bed sheets, materials etc

If you are like me and you have super sensitive and reactive skin, then paying attention to what materials you wear as clothing, and what you use for your linen, towels or any other materials you touch is a smart idea.

As lovely and sexy as silk sheets and tight clothing may be, if you have skin irritations on your body it is best to stick to slightly looser fitting clothing made from fabrics that breathe. Organic cotton is my first choice. Avoid lycra in particular, although there is nothing wrong with a little at an 80s comeback party. Just make it sequined and remember the shoulder pads too.

The same goes with your bed clothes and towels. Organic cotton usually fares best for sensitive skin. If it keeps your skin happy, it’s worth the extra few dollars investment.

11. Dust, mould and environmental allergens

 If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, even hay fever, asthma or other inflammatory conditions, you need to keep a check on your exposure to dust, moulds and allergens. This isn't the case for everyone, but a dusty home with ignored mould spores and damp can really exacerbate your symptoms.

The solution: keep a very clean and well ventilated house with minimal clutter. Make sure your bathroom and wet areas are mould free. This will help to keep your mind clutter free too!

12. Probiotics, anti-fungals and anti-inflammatory foods

Skin issues are often helped a lot just by taking a really high quality probiotic to help replenish the good bacteria in the gut, and to try to fight off the bad guys (such as yeast as mentioned in point 1). I’m a fan of Dr OHHira’s probiotics and use them myself intermittently. If you purchase them from iHerb , you can save $5 on your order by quoting the code ASE372 when checking out.

If you suspect an underlying yeast issue, then some anti-fungal supplements such as Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf Extract, Candex or Candigone (you can use the code above for these items at iHerb too if you like) can really help to kill off the bad guys and re-balance your system which will lead to better skin health. Of course, eating a diet that doesn't feed the yeast is also a must-do!

It’s also wise to avoid foods that might inflame your skin further. What is inflammatory to your body will be entirely different to what might irritate someone else’s body. However, there are some foods which are best treated with caution if you are suffering. These include all processed foods, refined sugars and starches, chocolate, dairy, wheat, tomatoes, citrus for some people, nuts, and soy products. If you are consuming a lot of any of these foods, try eliminating them for a week and see if there is a noticeable difference in how you feel and your skin quality.

13. Sleep

Lucky last is the beautiful healing tool of sleeping. If you’re not getting enough Z’s, you will be severely limiting your body’s ability to heal and regenerate. This is often the only time in a day when you stop eating, stop thinking about your to-do list, stressing, or any other behaviour which takes time and energy from your body’s healing mechanisms.

Aim for eight hours of sleep each night. More if you need it. If you can only get six hours, try for a mid afternoon nap. Obviously there are times when we get less sleep or we have so much on that sleep is relegated to a last priority, but if you really want radiant skin and great health, it must consistently be a big priority.

Struggle to sleep? These tips might help!

That’s 13 tips to better skin health for you guys. I know they work because I have used and do use them all! Now go forth and glow :).

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