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Get Healthy Today in Rememberence.

Posted Mar 26 2013 7:08am

Good morning! We started the morning bright and early at 5:30 over here…but luckily after Liv ate, she decided she needed more sleep. I decided I needed coffee.

It’s always a toss up for me…coffee or sleep. Considering I fell asleep before 9…I decided coffee was the way to go. Hopefully at the end of this week I’ll have another sleep post to write. (Fingers & toes crossed.)

Today is a very bittersweet day for me. 2 days after Olivia’s baptism, it’s my Godmother’s birthday. Or was my Godmother’s birthday.. .I never know how to phrase that. She would have been 56 today. I think about her every single day, but on days like like her birthday, holidays or celebrations I always seem to reflect even more.

I know she’s with us and watching, but I can’t help to think that I’d much rather her be here in person. I know she would have been obsessed and so in love with Olivia. I know she would have bought her ridiculous things, like she did for my sister and myself. Luckily, Olivia has no shortage of people who love her and (even less important) shower her with presents…but it still hurts she’s not here.

I like to make sure I take away a lesson from Aunt Louise. She always wanted (or said she did) to get healthy and like many others would start and fall off the wagon.

Unfortunately for Aunt Louise it didn’t work out, but I hope it’s different for others. I hope that if you are reading and you are a serial “get healthy” re-starter that you make the choice to change your life.

Getting healthy is NOT a fad diet.

Getting healthy is NOT exercising and eating perfectly 7 days a week. 

Getting healthy is NOT calorie restriction.

Getting healthy is NOT a life that involves boring, bland food. 

Getting healthy is NOT being a slave to the gym for hours a day. 

What IS getting healthy?

First, it’s a CHOICE. A choice to change your life. It’s a LIFESTYLE. First you make one healthy choice, then you make another. It starts as easy as that.

Getting healthy IS eating REAL, DELICIOUS, WHOLE foods. 

Getting healthy IS getting rid of processed, chemical laden foods. 

Getting healthy IS moving around. Go for a walk, pick up some weights. Spend 10, 20 minutes moving. Stand up. Go to the playground. Ride your bike. Enjoy the outdoors.

Getting healthy IS having fun with your food. Try a new recipe. Bake something new. Just choose REAL ingredients.

Getting healthy IS teaching yourself and your family what foods make you feel GREAT. (Hint: It’s NOT lean cuisine.)

Getting healthy IS balancing. You can have a piece of chocolate, but you don’t need to have 5. You can still go out to dinner, to that party or anything else you want to do. You just have to figure out how to BALANCE it all. Once you figure that out, that’s the key to success.

Getting health IS adding in, not taking away. Your life will become MORE full because you will have more energy from eating foods that make you feel amazing AND from exercising.

So stop starting and restarting. Just make the change and do it. Start today. NOW actually. 

Help me remember Aunt Louise by making a healthy choice today. Then make another. I’ll be here to support you!

P.S. This is happening in my house too. Since having Olivia, Danny hasn’t been able to find time to exercise because we were both so tired. He would exercise occasionally on the weekends. Yesterday this changed. Since Olivia is sleeping better and is older now, we’re making 30 minutes for him to exercise 2-3 times a week when he gets home and then 1-2 times on the weekend. That’s all it takes to be fit and his fitness is just as important to me as it is to him.

You can also check ou t Purely Twins 4 tips to getting fit. 

I would LOVE to hear the healthy choices you’re making today in the comments! 

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