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Get Alkaline Health Drinks and Put Down the Vitamin Waters

Posted Jan 25 2012 10:52pm
The most beneficial alkaline health drinks embrace real whole foods as ingredients. These ingredients are enormously different from all the snazzy dyes, natural flavors, isolated vitamins and detrimental sweeteners found in many of the artificially enhanced energy drinks, sports drinks, and vitamin waters being manufactured today.

Alkaline health drinks that are produced with natural, whole food ingredients are advantageous for pH balance though most sports drinks, vitamin waters and energy drinks are acid forming and contribute to an alkaline/acid imbalance in the body.

Even though alkaline health drinks are not as well known as vitamin waters, sports drinks, and caffeine laced energy drinks, there are natural health drinks created with water, genuine fruit extracts and alkaline based herbal ingredients that typical consumers are not familiar with. Investigating behind the nutrition fact labels, we discover that these natural plant ingredients contain priceless nutrients found in whole foods, including live enzymes and powerful antioxidants. When manufactured carefully at lower temperatures, live enzymes in whole foods provide more effective absorption of the nutrients into the cells of the body.

Ingredients in vitamin waters, sports drinks, and energy drinks ordinarily include things like water, "natural flavors", sucralose, synthetic vitamins and other chemically created artificial nutrients. So, along with the nutritionally deficient, demineralized water, they include a chemically processed sweetener, undisclosed natural flavors and artificially created vitamins that the body does not recognize as real nutrients from whole foods. They lack any real fruit, like peaches or strawberries. Even if there are any true whole food ingredients, typically high temperatures used in processing are likely to inhibit any live enzymes. Without those valuable plant enzymes the body cannot easily assimilate the available nutrients. So, very few of the isolated vitamins in "enhanced" vitamin waters, sports drinks, and energy drinks are in actuality usable by the body for energy.

Once consumers see behind the hype, it is easy to quickly learn why naturally alkaline health drinks are superior to all those neon colored vitamin waters, dangerous energy drinks and junk food sports drinks.
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