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Get a Musical "High" from Philip Glass, Etc. (Smart Habit of the Week)

Posted Dec 14 2009 12:00am

Music_makemethink_article_thumb Late yesterday afternoon, despite the fact that I was still getting over a hacking cough, sore throat, exhaustion, etc. -- which has kept me home bound for six days -- I wrapped myself up and ventured out into the rain to catch the York premiere of a String Sextet by my favorite living American composer Philip Glass.after I  learned about the performance from his calendar.

Obviously, I'm passionate about music by Philip Glass, which I find mesmerizing, hypnotic and exhilarating.

Sure enough, after the Philip Glass concert, I felt joyful, upbeat and uplifted.

The Hours soundtrack 51flzLWUtkL._SL500_AA240_ In short, I got "high," but not from sugar, alcohol, drugs or any other substance.

You may be wondering how my musical tastes can help you. Well,  I invite you: Please contemplate:

- How do you feel after listening to your favorite composer?

- What emotions well up in your soul?

- How does the music change your attitude and outlook?

- What do you feel like doing when or after listening to some melodic tunes?

If you're like most people, music -- the international language -- will cheer you up, calm you down and boost your optimism.

It even can help you fall asleep or become productive,

So I urge you to take the musical passion challenge. Read on to learn more.

But first find out if Philip Glass triggers your musical passion, too. Do you get "high" after listening to the soundtrack to the movie, The Hours?

Perhaps now you'll understand why I think that getting The Hours CD is highly effective bad-habits-breaker.

Now listen to part of his famous opera, Koyaanisqatsi:

Now it's time to take your musical challenge. I invite you: The next time, you long to grab a high-calorie, sugary brownie; a cup of whipped-cream-topped coffee, an eggnog or a cigarette, instead get high on your favorite music! This will be, I hope, one of your favorite, Smart Habits.

Please let us know which music gets you "high." Submit your suggestions here for the Music That Uplifts You list I'm putting together.

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