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Geek Fest and Asian Food Fest

Posted May 28 2010 11:26am
I was up first thing this morning to get my gym workout in before we started our busy day. I did 10 minutes of 1 minute intervals on the cross trainer and 10 minutes of 1 minute intervals on the step machine followed by my weights routine as described in my training plan. I ended the workout with a quick plank and side planks and some stretching.

I also had my weigh in this morning, I've lost 2 pounds since last week and I'm now down to 9st 11! (137 pounds) I think this is mostly down to my mid week illness and after todays eats I've probably put that 2 pounds back on plus some more!

I had a quick and tasty breakfast of a chocolate cherry green monster in a bowl (spinach, chocolate whey, frozen cherries, ground flax and vanilla rice milk) with a few grape nuts for crunch.

Then we headed off to the Dr Who Exhibition! For anyone reading who isn't familiar with Dr Who (I'm sure everyone in the UK must be by now!) its a sci fi show from the BBC about a dude that time travels in an old fashioned Police Box and has lots of adventures on his way (thats the best way I can think of describing it!) On the way we grabbed a coffee from Costas, I had my usual skinny caramel latte.

It was great to see so many of the genuine props, costumes and models that have been used in the show as well as coming face to face with loads of the well known characters
Cyber Men



The T.A.R.D.I.S (with the hubby)

Big scary alien (and goofy me!)

Total geek fest!

After we had enjoyed the exhibition we wondered through town to a new Asian buffet style restaurant called LAUS 202. It had loads of choice, as well as the usual buffet it had a 'Chefs Island' serving freshly made Sushi, various grills and skewers, dim sum and even freshly made waffles. There was almost too much choice! I know these buffet style chinese restaurants can sometimes not be the best quality, but everything seemed really nice and the restaurant was beauifully decorated.

I started with a small bowl of creamy vegetable soup (phone pics as didn't want to keep whipping my camera out)

Then some boiled mixed veggies, thai green curry, tofu in sweet and spicy sauce and some crispy fried greens.

I shared a small plate of sushi with the hubby, I had the one with the bite out of it, which was tuna.

I then had some cantonese chicken, beef in black bean sauce, a few wide noodles, two vegetable filled spring rolls (which were wonderful) and more boiled veggies

I couldn't resist one last plate of the sweet and spicy tofu with more veggies and crispy greens

I finished my feast with some fresh fruit - melon, grapes and apple.

It looks like I ate a mountain of food here (and really I did!) but the plates weren't that huge and I didn't finish the last two plates even though I didn't feel as stuffed as I usually do, like after eating pasta or pizza.

We had a look round the shops and then headed home to catch up on some TV. I bit later on I started to feel peckish so I made a green monster with spinach, frozen banana, skimmed milk and maca powder topped with grape nuts. I turned out a lighter green than usual due to using the skimmed milk rather than my usual rice milk.

I also snacked on an apple

I didn't want anything like a normal dinner after all that lovely Asian food so I just had a bowl of natural yoghurt with two chopped peaches and some Tropical Bear Granola Nibbles.

Drinks - water, green tea, decaf tea, coffee

Today has been a good day!

I am now going to spend the rest of the weekend trying to sort out this bloody laptop, its going to take me ages to reload and organise all of my music and photos back on to it. I will be making very sure I back up from now on! So what does everyone have planned for the weekend? I've got a couple of runs planned, seeing friends and family and possibly going to see SATC 2 but I'll have to see how things plan out with that. I also need to spend some time thinking about my holiday and planning what things I still need to sort out, including myself! I'm thinking of setting myself a little summer confidence challenge to make sure I'm feeling and looking great for my hols, more info to follow me thinks!

Hope you have a great weekend and if your here in the UK, a good bank holiday Monday too!
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