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Gator Nation

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:37pm


Goooooo Gators!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday was a BLAST! And of course even better that the Gators won but we tried not to give Caitlin and Kristian too hard of a time ;). I had Ryan on his best behavior!

So here’s a recap of the day…when Caitlin and her future husband picked me up I just haaad to try one of her famous cookies:


I had a Gator one with blue and orange m&ms. It did not disappoint!

We got to her family’s tailgate probably around 3ish. Like, sweltering 100 degree heat. I’m so glad I wore shorts!


Her Aunt and Uncle came readily prepared with food and drinks…


So we all made captain morgan and diet sprite drinks and I had a couple tortilla chips dipped in Caitlin’s Aunt’s amazing black bean salsa. (note drink number one)

And then Ryan came over to the tailgate and took us (and I quote) “to the party where everyone in the world was at”. It started a little like this:


And yes, that’s Mr. Jim Beam himself in my hands. I hadn’t had whiskey since I was 18 but somehow it decided to make a comeback yesterday. Randomly I decided it was my new favorite drink?!

The party where everyone in the world was at ended a little like this:


As Ryan’s sis, Erin, feeds me a bite of a delicious homemade brownie. (this was on drink number two)



Finally, we walked over to the stadium where Ryan’s family had their huuuge tailgate set up. I ate two of these cuban sandwiches:


With tortilla chips (not pictured). Caitlin and Kristian met up with us and Ryan made us all man-drinks of Maker’s Mark with diet coke. It was strong. Enough said. (drink number three)


Ryan looks confused??! The whole time I was searching for “real food” like a burger, chicken fingers or pulled pork (hey, it was a splurge day!), but I never found any. I probably did not eat enough food to counteract the whiskey—never a good idea. In the game I snacked on this:


And drank like four liters of water. It was STILL so hot!

After the game I left Ryan in the hands of his fraternity brothers (they were going out to the Swamp…a fun bar on campus), and I left with Caitlin and Kristian to start the long journey back to Orlando. I wanted something like Pita Pit soooo bad but traffic was bumper to bumper and we couldn’t stop. I was so hungry by the time we finally got home around 1:45 that I actually felt sick. I immediately noshed on a string cheese and a handful of kashi crackers but they somehow dodged the camera. I felt a ton better after that.

And then this morning when I woke up I made a big bowl of oats for breakfast. I used 1/2 cup oats (made with half soymilk half water), 1/5th of a granola plank, 1/2 of a banana and a spoonful of almond butter. It hit the spot (along with a massive cup of coffee).


I’m actually shocked at just how good I feel today! I only had three drinks spread out over the course of five hours but the three drinks I had were strong and I felt like I was eating all day. Today I’m planning on working out later, grabbing a few groceries at super target, laying out by the pool and getting all my stuff together for my new class tomorrow.

See you for lunch!

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