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Gall Bladder is Coming Out

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
I saw the Surgeon yesterday. After reading the sonogram and function tests I had taken earlier, he said my gall bladder wasn't contracting very well, and that after injecting me with the meds to "make" my gall bladder contract, that brought on a gall bladder attack. So he's calling it Gall Bladder Disease, which he says isn't fatal. And the general recommendation for Gall Bladder Disease is to first try to change your diet (I'm guessing to low-fat) to see if that gives relief. But that "most" folks aren't willing to do that.

However, he also said that the "bottom line" is discomfort. So after first asking me if I would be "willing" to try changing my diet, he asked me to described what I'm currently going through in regards to all of this. After which, he leaned forward in his chair and said: "How 'bout Tuesday?"

Now--the downside is that he can't "guarantee" taking the gall bladder out will fix the problem. He told me that if I'd had stones, he could give me better odds, but with disease the odds of the nausea and pain going away fall to 80%.

My weight is doing a bit better since recording everything in Fitday again, I was back down to 179 this morning, but I don't know if that will continue, due to taking out the gall bladder or not. My sister-in-law's surgeon believed a non-operative gall bladder can be responsible for weight gain as well as weight loss troubles. But time will tell...
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