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Gac, the unheard of superfood, a powerhouse of nutrition, and many health benefits

Posted Aug 01 2012 7:15pm

My Gac arrived from the other side of the word in Thailand few weeks ago and I'm loving it already. It gives me that very subtle positive "vibration" as I call it.

What the heck is Gac? A fruit native to Southeast Asia, rich in the antioxidant Lycopene, which is gaining increased attention as heavyweight fighter of prostate and other forms of cancer.

The current champion of Lycopene is the tomato, however the graphs at the bottom of this post will show that Gac blows tomato away as the best source of Lycopene available.

My personal thought process about food and cancer is that it's not so simplistic in that you pop a handful of berries into your mouth and the disease is thus prevented, but the bigger the arsenal of cancer fighting foods you take in, the more the body's own immune system will reclaim it's own natural ability to prevent cancer and other diseases that are plaguing us in the West.

The nutritional profile of this "Christmas Ornament" looking superfood is beyond anything I have ever ran across, to the point where I had to bring it in immediately into my diet. In southeast Asia, it is prized for it's medicinal values for prostate health, vitamin A deficiency in children (which is a major cause of childhood blindness in developing countries), youthful skin, longevity and vitality and much much more.

My version is dried in capsules and I love it already. I noticed that I have been dancing around a little more and singing in the shower a little more, and I do it quite a bit anyway. That's not a scientific analysis of course, but I do notice those subtle changes when I try something new, and my body will tell me it loves something new, or it hates it. The "bod" gave Gac , a.k.a. Fak Khaao a big thumbs up. 

The only other new things I have taken into my diet in the past few weeks is green tea and papaya and Rowdy Lamb Herb a month or so ago, so one of more of these superfood heavyweights is the culprit to my slightly more "jovial" attitude, and I'm jovial mostly all the time. Whatever works!!!

Gac is not easy to find, I list the links below of where you can get it. But it's scarcity in the West can be a blessing in disguise. If Gac becomes the "latest craze", as happened with one of my favorite superfoods acai, that's when all the scrupulous products hit the market as people pump more money into purchasing it. Next comes 20 bogus and cheap products for every quality product. I say, take advantage of the fact that it is not yet commercialized in the U.S. and thus there is more change of getting a high quality superfood that has an extremely high nutrient profile.

Below are some of the graphs of how Gac stacks up against more traditional foods. Remember my mantra that no internet link (including my blog) is truth in and of itself, but a starting point to research things pertaining to your own health and well being. Find your own truth.  ~stay healthy~

Gac and Lycopene content

Lycopene (a beta-carotene) is an antioxidant that is rich in “red family” foods like tomatoes, watermelons, and pink grapefruits. It’s also in apricots, persimmons, papaya, and guava. Tomato has always been the Lycopene champion in the West, but Gac contains 70 times as much Lycopene as the tomato.

Lycopene is gaining much attention as a prostate cancer fighter, however it seems mainstream medicine has muddled everything with it's own studies which dispute claims of the healing and preventive effects of Lycopene (personally, I think they do that intentionally to cast doubt in our minds about natural healers).

My personal belief looking at the historical uses of Gac in Southeast Asia, is that it has had a long history of medicinal and healing uses, and it seems there is something to the nutrient value of this fruit.

Each of us who hear about superfoods such as this have to decide whether to overlook it or bring it into our regiment to keep ourselves healthy. I think the solutions to our health woes are in Mother Nature, not the drug industry.

More info on Gac (a.k.a. Fak Khaao) can be found at the following links to start your homework and research if interested in learning more:

Gac: Strange Name Powerful Fruit by the Medicine Hunter   

The Gac Fruit, a curiosity


I have only found a couple of places to purchase Gac. I have already made my first purchase and I really like the product.

Gac Capsules from Siam Natural (this is the one which I purchased via PayPal, shipped here with no issues, I intend to order more because I like this product).

Gac Powder (this will work well because I can just add it to my smoothies, from a company that sells a seemingly high quality papaya powder and mangosteen).


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