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Futuristic All Natural Foods and Low Carb Food Formulas Are Here Now

Posted Jul 11 2008 9:09am 1 Comment
How is it possible that some all natural foods in little space-age packets can fill you up without very many calories, even after hours of extreme physical activity? It seems unlikely, but read on to see for yourself how some technologically advancedlow carb foods can work like that.

On a warm, sunny, Sunday morning in Arizona, Jane and her partner had just finished winning the Mixed Doubles Category in the " Hit for The Cure" Cancer Benefit Tennis Tournament. They were both hungry and needed to refuel. Jane took out a packet of her "space-food", all natural low carb food formulas,and mixed it with some orange juice.

Jane w
as energized and knew she wouldn't be hungry for hours. Of course, she did have to endure the jokes from her girlfriends about the "weird" stuff she eats and drinks, but who was holding the trophy? In fact, Jane had two trophies that weekend because she and her otherpartner won the Women's Doubles crown the day before.

It was a long weekend with hours of tennis against eighty-five other players, so the calories were really burning. Jane just kept "eating" those packets of powdered power. Amazingly, these advanced low carb food formulas made from all natural foods are so concentrated with valuable nutrients they not only fill Jane up, but give her energy and stamina that others wish they had.

Now, at this point, some so-called "nutrition experts" are probably assuming that Jane must load up on carbohydrates and protein to be a healthy athlete, but don’t believe the protein myths or the low carb food fanatics. In this age of superior technology, you can get powerful nutrition from all natural foods that are carefully processed to give you results you can feel.

You don't need to pound the pasta, pump the protein, or pile in the high carb foods to get your body functioning at a higher level. Things are different now, but you have to pay attention to what is available outside of the low carb food snack aisle and get into some all natural foods that offer more complex nutrition.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that there have been incredible advancements in the field of nutrition over the past couple of decades. We now know more about what we should and shouldn't consume if we want to live a long, healthy life.

If you don't know by now that you can get powerful all natural foods an easier way than going to the grocery and spending hours in the kitchen, then let Jane’s next door neighbors be the ones to introduce you,
" Meet the Jetsons" and their super low carb space food!

With the type of concentrated nutrition we’re talking about, people are re-generating, instead of de-generating. They are gaining youthful energy that lasts. They are eliminating chronic health challenges and weight problems. The benefits are as out of this world as the idea of consuming all natural foods and low carb food formulas this way. Now that Jane has been eating like this for over seven years, she sees the future, and it is exciting!!!

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Hmm... I really like to eat. I'm not sure I'll ever want to subsist on this *perfect* food.
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