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Fruity Fruity

Posted Aug 08 2012 10:06pm

As part of this challenge, I am really focusing on making healthy eating a priority in my live so that these mini challenges will stick.  Another note I would like to add is that this challenge is not about losing weight or dieting.  In our American society, we are so focused on dieting and sacrifice in order to be skinny that we miss the true aspects of "diet".  I, personally, do not believe in dieting; I believe in living a healthy life and eating the foods that make me feel great!  In eating the right types and amounts of nature's bounty, your body will follow in looking and feeling the way God intended; amazing!

That being said, it is important to note that I ate a lot of processed foods yesterday and felt awful.  I made a commitment to myself last night (I literally rolled over while in bed with the lights off and scribbled thoughts down on paper) that I am going to start and finish this challenge the right way.  This morning, when I woke up, I did not go straight for the whole grain toast and peanut butter as I usually do.  I sat down and did a quick meditation and stretch before grabbing a nice cold apple to eat.  After I fueled my body, I did an awesome Tone it Up!  workout (see below).

Since I was off work today, I decided to get some chores done:  laundry, sewing, prepping for the rest of the week's meals (beans and rice), and slicing (and eating) watermelon.

Lunch was a whole bunch of broccoli and cucumbers with a spicy yogurt dip
Yogurt Dip Recipe:  plain Greek yogurt, dijon mustard, super hot hot sauce, coconut vinegar, Mrs. Dash

I was on a cooking roll today and whipped up my first batch of spring rolls for dinner!  They were filled with steamed green beans and sauteed onions, garlic, tomatoes, and green bell pepper.  Paired with a salad and topped with wasabi and soy sauce, this was a very satisfying dinner!

Kombucha batch #2 will be ready on Sunday.

TIU Workout
  • 8 min jog to warm up
  • 60 seconds of each of the following exercises, followed by a 2 min sprint (completed 3 rounds, for a 30 min workout)
I had a Juice Plus web walk this evening and it is now time to read, relax, and maybe have a snack before bed!  Oh, and by the way,  Peace and Aloha  is up and running; my first batch of salt scrubs is made and the muslin bags are being put together within the week!!  Let me know if you would like to buy :)

Luana Ola!

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