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Fruits and Vegetables Fight Off Cancer

Posted by AregM

If you want to reduce your risk of several common types of cancer, help may be no farther away than your kitchen. A trio of new studies presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research on Sunday found that vegetables and fruits help lower your chances of getting head and neck, breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancers. One of the studies even found that just one additional serving of vegetables or fruits could help lower the risk of head and neck cancer. Still, the more fruits and vegetables you can consume, the better. "Those who ate six servings of fruit and vegetables per 1,000 calories had a 29 percent decreased risk relative to those who had 1.5 servings," said Neal Freedman, a Cancer Prevention Fellow in the division of Cancer Prevention at the National Cancer Institute and author of one of the studies. Freedman looked at how the fruit and vegetable intake compared to the incidence of head and neck cancer is 490,802 adults. During the five-year study period, 787 people were diagnosed with head and neck cancers. ....Continued on
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