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Frozen wild blueberries should be embraced!

Posted Dec 27 2009 8:20am


Are you not getting enough fruits and vegetables during the winter months?

I know that winter is hard for me because I find it quite challenging finding fruits that taste as they should. I find it’s a lot easier with vegetables, but I am never all that happy with late fall/autumn or winter fruits.

One great solution to help you get your 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day is to think frozen!

Oh yes, you will rarely hear me point anyone in the direction of the frozen food aisle in a grocery store, but when it comes to fruits and vegetables, the frozen section of the supermarket is the place to go.

Now, let’s set some ground when it comes to frozen fruits or frozen vegetables:

* I’m NOT talking about a few little pieces of vegetables hidden inside a frozen meal/frozen TV dinners meals.

* I’m NOT talking about fake-tasting vegetables inside a frozen diet/light frozen dinner.

* I’m NOT talking about fruits on the top of a frozen dessert.

* I’m NOT talking about fruits that have been preserved in a lot of sugar and then frozen.

* AND I’m NOT talking about fruit-flavoured ice cream.

Don’t even think of going to the grocery store to buy any of these and then come back and say “Krizia said it was okay”.

I’m talking about frozen bags of fruits and vegetables that contain only the fruits or vegetables show on the bag with NO other additives, sugars, salts or hydrogenated oils.

>>> Frozen fruits are okay!

Did you know that antioxidant-rich frozen wild blueberries are convenient and as nutritious as fresh ones?

In fact, recent studies indicate that North Americans of all ages are failing to get their daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies – despite the fact that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Frozen produce, including antioxidant-rich wild blueberries are a nutritious solution for families looking to make healthy eating more convenient and affordable.

I always have wild berries in my freezer … even in the summer. I can tell you that when I get my supermarket flyer and notice that wild blueberries are on sale, I will stock up as much as I possibly can!

“Wild blueberries are one of the original Superfoods, and are a staple in my diet,” said Dr. Steven Pratt, M.D., senior staff ophthalmologist at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California, world-renowned nutrition authority and author of the best-selling SuperFoods Rx: Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life

“Eating a diet rich in colourful fruits and vegetables will help you fight oxidation and inflammation, two conditions related to many diseases of aging.  Frozen produce, like wild blueberries, is a great option for people looking to fill their pantry with healthy foods.  I use frozen wild blueberries almost every day making sure to get these super-berries into my diet for a boost of berry nutrition.”

In the spectrum of healthy fruits, wild blueberries stand out for their delicious taste, small size and big health benefits.

With more antioxidant capacity per serving than most other fruits, frozen wild blueberries have more of what it takes to combat disease and promote healthy aging (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2004; 52: 4026-4037).  Just a ½ cup of frozen wild blueberries satisfies one fruit serving and is a good source of dietary fibre.

Frozen fruits and vegetables are convenient and available year-round.

Here’s something you might not know: eating frozen fruits and frozen vegetables makes it easy to get the colourful variety needed to ensure the widest range of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.  Plus, the FDA (Food Drug Administration) has concluded that frozen produce is just as nutritious as fresh and may even retain its nutritional value longer all of which makes frozen an excellent value for consumers wanting to increase their intake while making the most of their food dollar.

When you buy frozen wild berries, you’ll want to triple-check to make sure the word wild is on the package to ensure you’re getting the world’s best blueberries!

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