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From Mom With Love A Complete Guide to Indian Cooking and Entertaining

Posted Jul 04 2010 11:58am

From Mom With Love A Complete Guide to Indian Cooking and Entertaining

From Mom with Love . . . is perhaps the only cookbook that contains:

The most special and unique feature of this book is the TLC tips. These are little shortcuts and little secrets that will make your cooking easier, yet delicious. It is an invaluable gift to give to anyone who loves to cook or would like to try. Find more information at Containing 134 recipes, From Mom with Love . . . is designed with full-color mouthwatering pictures on almost every page. Ergonomically designed to open flat when lying on counter.

4 Stars Somebody doesn’t know how to write recipes
So far I’ve made about four recipes from this book. They’ve been pretty good. I’m giving the food 4 stars as I don’t have a lot of experience with Indian food. It may be a generous rating.

I just spent about 20 minutes scaling the recipe for Tahari on P. 114. As somebody noted before, The ingredients are not written in the order that one uses them in this book. I don’t know if this is cultural or the author was never taught how to write a recipe. When I see this type of formatting issue with an internet recipe, I immediately dismiss the recipe and move on to another source. I figure, If they don’t know how to format a basic recipe, how good can the food be? And what other careless mistakes did they make? In this same recipe that I had to re-read about 50 times (ok that’s an exaggeration, maybe 10 times), The black cardamom was left out of the description as to where it should be used. Given the large quantity of spices and ingredients in many of the recipes, this is not a small issue. I’m thinking I should have given it a 3 come to think of it.

Not looking forward to spending an extra 10 minutes re-reading every recipe several times and I don’t have time right now to edit the order of the ingredients on every page. Finished venting. I think I’ve been fair though.

5 Stars Very authentic
The book is great. Instructions are clear and concise. Photos are very nice. I made some of the dishes already for my Indian and Pakistani friends and they tell me that the dishes are spot on. Once, I had one of their wives write me a recipe for a dish and I found something almost identical in the book for the same dish.

5 Stars The title says it!
The title of this book really speaks the truth. I am a complete novice to Indian cuisine, and a near beginner cook to boot. For someone like me, this book is perfect. It truly brings a feeling of being guided by a loving mother on how to make these special foods to enjoy and to be able to share with your own family. The beautiful photos that accompany each recipe allow you to see what you’re aiming for. This book was crafted with intense care by the author for her own family to use, and its beauty shines through. A true gift, pick this one up!

2 Stars so far…dissapointing
After waiting for over two weeks I finally received “From Mom With Love…”. I read the recipes and bought ingredients for Dahi (Pg. 170) and Mangochi (pg. 85). The Dahi/Yogurt didn’t make so I tried another recipe from a different cookbook and had success.

For the Mangochi, I sustained 2nd degree burns on my face and hand. The little Dal ‘balls’ were literally BOMBS and exploded in the oil just as they were turning golden brown. My kitchen looked like a war zone and it took 2 hours to clean. Luckily my partner is a Nurse and took care of my burns so I didn’t have to go to the emergency room! I have over 40 yrs of cooking experience and have tried many different cuisines with success. I will continue to cook Indian food, but from different cookbooks. I would not recommend this cookbook.

5 Stars Great South Indian
I spent a year traveling in Indian (6 months in the North and 6 in the South) and wanted a cookbook that captured the best of what I’d tasted without all the oil and over-cooked quality of most dhaba food. I’m an avid cook and wanted something that was both easy and DIY, not using pre-made sauces + spices mixes. After looking at every book with favorable reviews, this was my pick! I bought this in conjunction with Lord Krishna’s Cuisine: The Art of Vegetarian cooking, which has better overall information, but more North Indian cuisine. I’m full veg, but not in the Indian sense (no onions, garlic, etc.), but this book provides plenty of veg dishes or one’s you can make with meat substitutes. Enjoy!

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