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From Belly Fat to Belly Flat How Your Hormones Are Adding Inches to Your Waist and Subtracting Years from Your Life the Medi

Posted Oct 11 2010 12:20pm

From Belly Fat to Belly Flat How Your Hormones Are Adding Inches to Your Waist and Subtracting Years from Your Life the Medically Proven Way to Reset Your Metabolism and Reshape Your Body

Weight-loss research shows that the average person will add 1 to 2 pounds around their abdomen each year between the ages of 35 and 55 without changing their eating or exercise habits. Noted expert

1 Star Save Your Money
Losing weight is very simple … calories in must be lower than calories expended. There is no other way to get rid of fat. The book is light on numbers (”Medically Proven” is a nice claim … but it could have been a bit more explicit), and the diet itself plays around with nutrition a la South Beach. You had better consult with a doctor … some of the advice may be downright unhealthy if you have high blood pressure, for instance.

1 Star Try Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure Instead
This diet is kind of a rip off of Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure I think. Or at least they are similar. Check out the blog [...] and [...] for low sugar diet that works!

3 Stars Great information, need a little more guidance as to how to proceed to solution
Although this is a very interesting book, I believe that as a Doctor, he should give a more definitive explanation as to how to find out specifically how to treat “Estrogen Dominance”. I believe he is right on about a lot of women having this exact problem and I feel like I am probably one of them. However, my Gyn doctor is very traditional and I don’t even know if he will work with me on trying to find out if this is my problem.

It would be helpful if a list of holistic doctors around the country were listed or even if he gave more direction as to what to look for in a doctor. I think the average person needs more direction than is offered in this book to help get diagnosed and treated.You shouldn’t have to simply order the products that he provides and trust that you are indeed estrogen dominant.

Overall this book has some great information, great recipes, and great advice as to how to live a healthy long life. I would recommend it to any peri-menopausal or menopausal woman to read and follow.

2 Stars Haven’t lost an ounce
I’ve been on the diet for 7+ months and haven’t lost an ounce. I took all the pills, ordered the saliva test and evaluation ($200+) plus the creams. Forget the evaluation of the saliva test, the person just quotes the book to you. Not worth the money or what I expected.

On a positive note, the creams are terrific. By using them I was able to get off synthetic HRT without any ill effects. Every time I tried before I went nut-so. I also sleep better. So, I recommend the creams for that purpose, but the weight loss part didn’t work for me.

2 Stars No Numbers Given
The book is upbeat and well written. I’m convinced that the recipes are favorable for weight reduction, but . . . Repeated use is made of the term estrogen dominance, but this is only defined in vague, how you feel, terms. Surely there is a range of estrogen/progesterone ratios that might help define the term in a reasonably scientific way. Without a number the term estrogen dominance is simply a catchy phrase — nothing more. Why buy cream to change the ratio when you don’t know what the ratio should be?

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