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From “Stay Fit & Strong”: How to burn fat and build muscle

Posted Aug 06 2012 3:59pm

I ran across a great blogger today called "Stay Fit & Strong" .

Great info on Fitness, Nutrition, Diet Plans, and the like.

I'll be posting and linking back to some of their articles in the future.

Their post called "How to burn fat and build muscle" is interesting, especially since I have always had this dilema, having a more slender natural build.

The harder I pumped iron the slimmer I became, although I was nicely ripped. I'd say similar to a Usain Bolt. But, you know us guys always wanna bulk up. Male ego thing I guess. However, with my latest, personal advances with exercise  routines and nutrition, I have gained 12 pounds of muscle (I'll blog about it as soon as I figure out what actually happened!!!). In in the mean time, check out the article from Stay Fit & Strong by clicking on the picture above or click here .

~stay healthy~

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