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Frohe Ostern! – German Easter Candy And Chocolates

Posted Apr 09 2012 10:50am

Let me just take a moment to show off. My parents sent a survival package for Easter from Germany, and all my favorites were in there. Conducive to my weight loss efforts? Not so much. Delicious? You bet!

That’s right! Apart form bunny-shaped egg holders, bunny napkins, an egg shaped 3D puzzle, and egg shaped present containers, there were the edibles:

Niedergger Marzipan eggs! The best. I love these things. My wife does not, so they are aaaaall mine. Perfect marzipan covered in a thin layer of chocolate. Heaven. The lamb is an egg warmer!

Gummi bunnies and gummi moose (I collect moose, long story)! The moose are eggnog flavored – does it get any better? The gummi bunnies are my wife’s, since she is their biggest champion and I have to trade something for those marzipan eggs.

June bugs! These are a typical Easter/Spring thing symbols in Germany, and these particular ones are truffled chocolate (the lighter ones) or marzipan filled (the darker ones) with almond wings. You know you’re jealous.

That chocolate bunny with the pink nose? Baumkuchen covered in chocolate! In case you don’t comprehend the extent of my Baumkuchen love, my wedding cake was marzipan Baumkuchen torte. Ahem. And of course the classic, Lindt chocolate bunnies.

My parents are awesome.

How was your Easter/Passover/weekend? Any special treats this season you can’t live without?

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