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Fried Coca-Cola? Only in Texas...

Posted Oct 18 2007 10:21am 2 Comments

I saw a video clip on Yahoo! this morning that made me drop my jaw in disgust and amazement. It was a clip on food, but unlike the spate of healthy eating pieces I've been seeing crop up all over the place, this was about good, old-fashioned deep fried incarnations the likes of which you've never seen.

Let me tell you what I'm talking about. Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Fried cheesecake. Fried Coca-Cola (that one really befuddled me). Fried cookie dough (which was the overall winner). These are the kinds of delicacies you'll run into at the Texas State Fair.

Texas happens to be the fried-food capital of the nation; it's also where the corn dog was invented. The interesting thing about the video was that it never took on a negative tone. More than anything, the State Fair was seen as a fun, delicious novelty event that didn't have any consequences on your health--despite the increasing rate of heart disease, obesity, and other chronic disorders that are directly connected to Americans' fatty, sedentary lifestyle. Now, I'm not one to take away anybody's fun, but more likely than not, the stuff you find at the Texas State Fair is the norm rather than some once-a-year collection of oddities. I used to have a friend in middle school who fried ALL of her food, and unsurprisingly, her entire family struggled with obesity. Now, I hear people whine about the sudden turn to health consciousness and how it's all hyperbolic b.s., but I always have to remind them that health zealots are still in the minority.

My overall point: watching the fried-food video fascinated me, but it also made me kind of sad.

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...I hear that's a hot new thing too. And actually, I'd like to try one. Now, here's the reality. Texas is going to continue to be Texas and no amount of finger wagging by us Californians is going to make them change! :-) However, I think once again this is a case of moderation being key. Going to the fair to have a fried pickle once a year won't kill you. It's treating every day like it's fair day that's the problem.
How in the world do you fry coca cola?!?! I've actually tried a fried snickers bar at a mexican restaurant once....REALLY good, but yes, not something I'd eat very often. My stomach doesn't react well to fried foods, even fried seafood, so I tend to stay away from them as much as possible. Plus, there's so many more calories and much more fat you're adding by frying the skin. Stephanie has a good point about eating at fairs. There's a huge event in the northeast every year, representing all of the New England states with their products, crafts, and of course food. It's definitely a day to indulge-I certainly do. But the past few years have been eye-opening. Perhaps it's because I've been more concerned with my health and fitness, but I taken more notice of how many overweight and obese people attend the fair. I'm not one to judge someone's lifestyle, but strangers or not, it's hard not to worry about them. You kind of hope they'll take a new look at what and how they're eating and exercising.
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